Friday, March 19, 2010

This morning at the grocery store I bought myself some pink daisies. I love having fresh flowers in the house and wish I had a huge flower garden in my back yard so I could have them all summer long. Someday I will. When looking for a jar to put my pretty pink daisies in I came across one of my favorite Mason jars. Yes, I love old jars. This one is special because it is from my wedding reception. At our outdoor reception we put these jars on all of the tables, filled with gerbera daisies. I collected some jars from my grandma & grandpa's basement, a friend's attic, from an aunt that inherited a bunch herself and anywhere else I happened across them. I tied raffia around them and then added a little button to each jar. We encouraged everyone to take a jar full of flowers home with them so we didn't end up with a million jars. I'm really happy that I did keep a few of them though.
Another treasure that I am just loving right now (and trying to figure out just what to do with them!) are these old maps. We moved into this house not quite two years ago and have found some pretty cool things left behind. That's what happens when you buy a 90+ year-old house and I love it. One day Eric  stumbled upon these down in the basement...a bunch of old maps rolled up and hidden in the rafters of the laundry room. We need to find a way to display a few them that shows off just how cool they are. Right now they are sitting in a big glass vase on my fireplace mantle, which does not do them justice. I'm thinking that if I can ever choose a paint color for our bedroom I will have a few of them framed and hung in there.
Old jars, a bunch of maps and three dollar flowers. It really doesn't take much to make me happy.


  1. Loving all those treasures.

    I have a thing for jars too. My Papa grew up in a small town called Bluffton, TX. When they put in the dam it was drowned...and has remained underwater until the recent drought caused the water to recede. I was able to walk down to the old town and salvage a glass jar from the turn of the century along with a few other bits and pieces.

    My dad is a history buff. He has scored some old maps from the area where I was born. He'd be envious of your finds. As am I.

  2. I love old jars, too. Especially the tinted ones. I've been searching for some at thrift stores, but haven't had any luck. The only ones I've been finding are at antique stores and they're about $20 each. I want a bunch of them for the top of our piano.

    It sounds like I would have loved your wedding, too.

  3. these pictures are fantastic! there's just something timeless about mason jars, isn't there? my kids used canning jars today to sort and contain some of their favorite collections. they look so cute all in a row!
    i'm quite jealous of your maps, too.

  4. We had daisies in jars as centerpieces for our outdoor reception as well! Great minds, I tell you! And I know just what you mean...cause I'm here drooling over your mason jars, old maps, and three dollar daisies! xo

  5. gorgeous... isn't it great treating ourselves to simple things like daisies.... in mason jars.. lovely!


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