"And I Think To Myself.....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

              What A Wonderful World."

go plant a tree.
or hug a tree.
or climb a tree.
or swing from a tree.
or sit under a tree.
or you could just go outside and look at a tree and marvel at how completely cool they really are.

Happy Earth Day, folks!


  1. Great Earth Day post!
    and a happy one right back at ya!:)
    Enjoy the night!

  2. Cute! I think I'll hug one AND sit under one. All those other choices sound a little exhausting. ;-)

  3. I read The Great Kapok Tree to my kindergartners. I think that counts.

    Sweet pics, of course.

  4. sweet photos!!! saw your comment on Dani's blog. I have been lurking your beautiful photography & am now a follower. Stop by my blog & enter my first giveaway!!

  5. Seriously COOOOL shots. Love them. :D

  6. well gosh, now I have forest envy! :-) hahaha... ahh to live where there are seasons and a nice forest to walk in and have your children frolic in meadow... oooooh I wouldn't know what to do! I have lived in Florida my whole life..... and I always dream of living where there is a change of seasons.... nice!


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