Just A Few More Pictures.....

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Okay...just a few more pictures from our Photo Shoot last moth.
I promise! Well, I think this is it anyway.
I was really surprised when I uploaded these pictures that there were so many that I actually liked.
While I was taking the kids' pictures it did not seem to be going so well at times...someone was always talking, making goofy faces, afraid of the bugs flying around her, picking their nose, bothering their brother/sister...you name it.

But these make me happy.
Love that sweet face, his beautiful blue eyes and even that not-so-good hair cut he got right before these were taken.

I am by no means an expert at anything, let alone taking portraits, but here are just a few more things that worked for me:
 Try different angles, get above your child, below them looking up, stand behind them and take a shot over their shoulder....keep moving and try different things.
Focus in on favorite features..eyes, nose, mouth, that little cowlick, curls, feet...even the bumps and cuts.

Choose an interesting location...if possible choose a park, playground or somewhere with a fun, interactive landscape. If the location is private, even better.
If the kids have something to do/look at/explore they will be entertained longer, which just means more time for you to get more pictures.

Now,  if you haven't tried doing an actual "Photo Shoot" with your own kids yet,  go do it.
Happy shooting!


  1. Aw, I love the place you chose for the photo shoot. He's so sweet!

  2. That's a handsome fellow!

    The Girl was pretending to take a picture of me and actually said: Don't look at me. Be natural.

  3. These are so sweet! I love the one with his feet, very cute. Great tips on taking photos too, thanks for those...:)

  4. you have inspired me to do this over the summer hols here....ours start next week and my biggest gal will be finishing primary school so i will capture that in a photo shoot.....{tears and all- and thats from me!!}
    melissa xx

  5. Such CUTE shots! And I love your tips :D I may have to try to get my kiddos to cooperate for a shoot. Bribing them with those gumballs just might work :D
    I love the one looking down at his feet with him holding the bucket. It is just a FUN shot!

  6. So so cute - what an adorable collection. I too love the bucket of gumballs shot. Some of my favorite photos of Kendall are where you can't see any of her face - some day I'm going to be brave enough to frame and hang them....and be able to defend myself when my family asks why.


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