Sunday, October 17, 2010

This weekend we got out to take pictures of my 
FOUR-year old.
I am still having a bit of a hard time believing she is four now...but she is.
And not a day has gone by since her birthday last Wednesday that she has not reminded us of that fact.
Here are just a few pictures from this little photo shoot, I will share more later. 

The weather was perfect Saturday, sunny and warm, but not too warm
The one problem was that it was a little windy at times and I
 had trouble keeping Charlotte's hair out of her face. 
And I probably don't need to tell you, there is a lot of hair there.

Overall I was pretty happy with them but there are always things I wish I would have done
 differently and things I could change. Oh well. It is all a learning process. 
And I still have a lot to learn. 
The park was empty and a great place for pictures and again, it was EMPTY.
So all the crap I drug along with me? No one saw it. 
And no one saw me wollering around on the ground either, 
which is definitely a good thing.

This sweet little apron was made by Eric's grandma, for Eric's mom, 
when she was a little girl. I have to think that it is about 60-years old or so.
The top part wouldn't stay up very well so I folded it over and made it a half apron.
I just love the bird and flowers...so cute.
I'm glad I thought to bring this along because I don't think
 this apron will fit her much longer at all.
I hope everyone had a great weekend.
We had a nice weekend.
Kind of busy but still a little bit relaxing and nice.
The weekends go so fast, don't they?
Happy Sunday!


  1. Very sweet. Very pretty.

    Yes. The weekends go by much too fast.

  2. They (and she!) are beautiful.
    Such sweetness! Happy 4th birthday to Charlotte! :)

  3. These are the sweetest pictures ever.
    Oh man.
    Her name is really Charlotte Rose??
    Are you kidding me?
    A few years ago, I *cemented* that as the idea for my first girl's name. Wow, that's funny.

  4. Beautiful photos. There's alot to be said for remembering the little things. How lucky your daughter is, to have such a special record in beautiful photos. She will be able to enjoy these over & over when she is all grown up! x

  5. So pretty... i like such weekends... i am glad that you had a great time.. i have recently started to enjoy taking pictures as well.. but i am not as good as you....

  6. She's beautiful and so are the photos!

  7. She looks so much like you in that first picture. She is just gorgeous! And it doesn't look like you have much to learn. Your photos are beautiful.

  8. she is so sweet.
    i feel like i can smell the air.
    i love how you focused in on the details of what was happening.

  9. so sweet. . .we will have to support one another as we get used to our baby being four!

  10. Your pictures are beautiful, and so is your daughter! I love her hair!

  11. Happy Birthday to your FOUR year old. :)

    Love the light. Love the carefree pictures! Great shots (as always) and I know what you mean about crawling around on the ground at the park to get a good picture. ha!

  12. i think these turned out amazing! i love that you captured her taking care of her baby doll. so sweet!

  13. So beautiful! And happy birthday to the big girl! I love these photos capturing her play.. so sweet when she kisses her baby doll!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  14. Beautiful pictures, they take my breath away!


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