{Looking For Lovely}

Monday, October 18, 2010

Today I am ignoring the mess in my house and in my head and focussing on the lovely things.
The lovely little spots.
Because if I looked at the whole house and all I really need to do
I would just get overwhelmed.
So instead I grabbed my camera.
Here is a little bit of the loveliness I found...


*my dresser: little suitcase that belonged to my Grandma Kate,
a recent album i picked up at the thrift store for the cover alone.

* framed picture of my family i drew in kindergarten (?), hanging in the living room

* halloween banner hanging from my fireplace mantle

* a few of my old cameras; again, the first one belonged to my Grandma Kate

*little birds hanging from the chandelier in my dining room
* assorted chippy-paint handles (hotdog forks, ice cream scoop, etc.)

Hope you all are ignoring all the messes in your life or your house today
and taking a little time out for some lovely!
And if you don't know how to ignore it, ask me,  apparently I'm a professional!
Happy Monday. Hope your week is off to a good start!


  1. I like the chippy paint handles. That's my kind of style.

  2. LOVE it! I'm visiting from Blessed Little Nest...and I think I'm hooked! =)

  3. How sweet is the family drawing?! Yes I'm heeding your motto, and I'm off to a gallery with a friend to see an exhibition about the designer Valentino. Children with my Mother in-law, so they get quality Grandma time. Happy!

  4. Cool stuff. Do you ever take any pix with the cameras?

  5. I love that album cover. :) Sweetness!

    Ohhhmygosh. Those pictures. <3

  6. i never leave your blog without wanting to go get me camera and start shooting...thanks pal.

  7. This made me smile. Your collections are great! I love the childhood memories/mementos. (I ignored some messy today and went fishing with my 2 littles.)

  8. I love your family pic and those cameras. And the rings.

    SO much lovely here!

  9. i love these snapshots into your home. so much yummy vintage goodness! thanks for linking up friend!!

  10. It's all in perspective, right!?!? See the beautiful blue sky out your kitchen window or the sink full of dirty dishes just below it...we always get to chose. Have a lovely day!

  11. Oh - la - laaaa! Lots of lovely :D

  12. beautiful, love the pretty rings.

  13. love your collections....
    your rings are fabulous.
    your vintage cameras are wonderful~ how great to have one from your grandma.

    and i love that you framed one of your own photos from childhood.

    very sweet.

  14. amy - your house is so comfortable to be in! i just love being "company" to your place - the toys, the old treasures, your artistic touch everywhere in the house - just love it!
    loved this post!

  15. wow, your home looks like a beautiful mirror of yourself... so many sweet eclectic sentimental lovelies... I truly love that about people's homes... when they show themselves in it... that to me... is a 'home.' beautiful!

  16. love all of these little bits of lovely Amy
    Enjoy the day

  17. wow..I love that LP cover.....sweet...

  18. what a lovely post...so much in this...just beautiful!


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