Friday, October 15, 2010

this morning we had coffee and kiddie-cinnos
 (kid version of a cappuccino, aka: chocolate milk with whipped cream and sprinkles)
and read books

 we did a little housework, two loads of laundry,  made homemade donuts, 
took a wagon-load of food to our local food pantry, 
 played at the park, watched elvis in "girls, girls, girls".
we do love us some elvis in this house, cheesy, campy but so entertaining.
we hunted buckeyes, 
  hunted for the "best and prettiest" tree to eat our lunch under.

i think we found it.

but maybe most importantly, Charlotte got to climb a tree today, you know, because she's four now.
she keeps telling me different things that are
 easier for her or that she can do now,  just because she turned four.
she was quite proud of herself.

{check out the apple cozy. is that not the cutest thing ever?
 i won it last year in a give-away,  wish i could remember where...}

 what did you do today?
i am so glad it is friday. so, so happy to have this busy week over.
all of our october birthdays are behind us now, i am ready for things to slow down a bit.
 i hope you all have a great weekend!

p.s.- i wish i could get away with wearing bell-bottom jeans with pink faux-leather trim,
Woodstock socks and black kitty cat mary janes. don't you?


  1. Oh this looks so beautiful.... turning four is really a big achievement and it makes it so good when you see your young one making the most of it... i kinda felt so happy reading the lines
    "she keeps telling me different things that are
    easier for her or that she can do now, just because she turned four.
    she was quite proud of herself." Beautiful xoxo

  2. Those are gorgeous pictures of your little girl.

    I canned strawberry jelly today. I'm canning applesauce tomorrow. I'll be canning prickly pear jelly on Sunday. I am the most excited novice canner alive!!! :)

  3. I love the colors in these photos! Sounds like a fun day. I'm just a teensy bit jealous...

  4. Love your blog and your pictures....I volunteered in my sons class and went to the thrift store for goodies.....

  5. Sounds like such a fun day. Nothing like a little picnic, and she looks so grown up climbing a tree! Great photos.

  6. totally agree amy...if i looked like charlotte in her gear i'd never bother getting changed EVER!!

    delightful day!!

    melissa xoxox

  7. Glad you found time to be doing all of those super fun things ... and your photos are just too precious. And those tiny little fingers wrapped around that cutsie apple are just adorable!!!!

  8. You have the best mugs. Sounds like the best day ever. So much funner than preschool! :)

  9. i want that day. it sounds lovely! and i'd also like charlotte's shirt. soo cute! happy weekend.

  10. what a happy day.
    what a peaceful little lady.
    your love for her is shown by how you photograph her.

  11. Ah, yes,
    FOUR ~ Love
    that age!
    Actually, I
    have loved them
    ALL : ) Mine
    are 11-nearly-12
    and 15 but it
    is still a
    great deal of
    FUN! Love your
    Happy weekend,
    xx Suzanne

  12. Stunning photos - such beautiful colours. I've just found your blog c/- Laura from A Place For Tea, and glad I did. You're very talented with photography, and make me want to linger on them, as they really tell a story. Sonia x

  13. PS - Yes I must confess to wanting to wishing I could get away with a lot of the clothes my little girl can. So groovy, so colourful, so fun!!

  14. Mmm, homemade donuts.
    I love climbing trees.

  15. I'm reading this on a Saturday instead of Friday. Friday I was at work and it was boring. Today I slept in and woke up to a kitty biting my cheek. And read a good book too. Then I waited for the cable guy to come set up my internet!

  16. wonderful photos. And I want some cocoa too, pretty please with sprinkles on top.

  17. My goodness, Amy, those photos are so delightful. I'm one of your newest followers and I'm hooked! What camera do you have? It's brilliant. J x

  18. sounds like a fun day and a whole lot warmer and sunnier than here.

  19. The first tree pic is amazing. Frame worthy, for sure.

    Don't we all wish we could get away with those ensembles?

  20. A sweater for an apple? Can anything be any cuter than that? Oh it. And that mug of sprinkled goodness would bring major smiles around here.

    Growing up (before cable/VCR's/videos and DVR...way back in the dark ages), my sis and I would wait with such excitement for one of Elvis' movie reruns to come on TV. We were in love with Elvis!

  21. That apple thingy is so darn cute-LOL! SO cute! And your sweet 4yrold is a doll to!


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