Mrs. Bramer Goes To Kindergarten.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

We had our Parent Teacher conference the other night.
I was anxious to hear what the teacher had to say about my little kindergartener.
Not too worried but in the back of my mind did hope
 there wouldn't be any surprises, ya know.
When we (Mr. & Mrs. Bramer) walked in she said she was happy
 to be ending the evening on a high note.

She told us Wyatt was doing very well and is very bright,
his report card was great,  
he gets along great with the other kids, is able to express himself and his feelings,
and she can tell he has been read to a lot.
We thought we knew he was just where he should be academically
 but I have to say,  more than that
I loved hearing what the teacher thought of him, of his personality.
The best thing she could have said?
That he's a nice boy.
She said she thought he was a really neat kid and that she could
 just take him home with her.
Can you just see my heart melting here?

I think that was even better to me than hearing how he was doing in school, where
 he is compared to the other kids.  Actually it was better, much better. 
Just knowing that she is spending a good part of the day with my
 boy and actually likes him, 
and sees in him what we do...makes me feel really good about school.
For this mama, who dreaded this school year with everything in me, this makes me happy. 
Very happy.
And proud of my little guy.
And content in our school choice. 
A good teacher, a really good teacher, makes all the difference.
And for that I am so grateful.

Today was Mrs. Bramer's day to volunteer in the classroom.
I love that I am able to do this because I get a little
 sneak peek as to what is really going on in the classroom.
I get to see Wyatt interact with the other kids and them with him.
I get to see what he is working on day-to-day, the process of it, not just the end result.
It's funny and interesting.
One boy asked me if I was there to make sure Wyatt was being good today.
I hear; "Mrs. Bramer....Wyatt's mommy... Mrs. Bramer, Wyatt's mom?"
over and over and
 I can only imagine what the teacher hears in just one day alone.

A couple of weeks ago when I was volunteering in the class this was
my conversation with one of the little girls--my favorite so far :

Her: Wyatt's Mom, do you like my skinny jeans?
Me: I do like your jeans.
Her: Look, Wyatt's mom, they have sparkles on the pockets.
Me: Oooh, I like those.
Her: Wyatt's mom? My stomach and legs hurt. Bad.
Me: They do? (knowing good and well why they do)
Her: Wyatt's mom? I told my mom these skinny jeans were too tight on me.

What I wanted to do was write Little Miss Skinny Jeans' Mom
 a note and slip it in her backpack.
Like adults, not all children should wear skinny jeans.
I still cannot figure out how she got into those jeans,  let alone sat and
bent over all day in them.
She had to have been miserable.
She belonged in skinny jeans no more than I do.
Which is absolutely, positively not....not ever.

Hope you all are having a great week so far...
I'm glad tomorrow is Friday and there is no school due to conferences.


  1. Oh, my goodness! That was hilarious! Mrs. Bramer, you are absolutely right! Some kids...just like some ADULTS...certainly should NOT wear skinny jeans!

  2. Really enjoyed this post! Love your son's hat!

  3. ha! when we were at the mall the other day the sales woman tried to talk me into getting skinny jeans for lucy. now lucy is totally a waif so im sure she'd look lovely in them, but as for running, jumping, and playing, they probably wouldnt work.

  4. Ah! Skinny jeans can be tight, but for my oldest skinny girl they are just right, other jeans are too wide for her, we have them from Zara, the fabric is very soft. I love it when you rever to yourself as Mrs. Bramer, it sounds very grown up, enjoyed this post!

  5. Every time you blog about Mrs. Bramer it makes me laugh. . .definately a rite of passage for all moms who send their kiddos off to school!

    Glad the conference went well! It is a blessing when the teacher seems to "get" your kid! and even more of a blessing when they like your kid!

  6. Skinny jeans and high heels...I don't understand either one.

  7. Funny thing, even 6 months ago I wouldn't have said this... I have 2 pairs of skinnies, one given to me, the other for $6 at Kohls. There's different types for adult/junior sizes, so once in a blue moon for those of us open to it, there comes a good pair. LOL.
    Awesome pic of the school front and your family:) I love walking pictures..

  8. Poor girl. It's hard enough to concentrate without your jeans making you hurt on top of it all.

    I'm so glad you had a great conference! It is such a blessing when a teacher appreciates your kid for the same reasons you do. :)

  9. Oh, that was priceless. Poor little skinny jeans girl!

    And I completely agree on the teacher "getting" your child and liking your child. It makes or breaks a year. And, from the other side of the desk, my favorite kids were not the "smartest" kids. It was the ones with heart...and personality. I think your Wyatt would have been a favorite from how you describe him.

    Love that pic of the school.

  10. that cracked me up. poor kid in her too skinny jeans. doesn't her momma know she's much to young to suffer for vanity yet. ;)

  11. My youngest has a pair of skinny jeans... a gift from family in Blighty... she's so skinny, that she's too skinny for the jeans!!! But yeah... I'm a comfy jeans gal and thinks that's the most important thing for kid clothes too... so many kids dressed as little adults these days... now I do sound like a Mum!! Have a great weekend. Lx

  12. Yes. We hear *all sorts* of interesting stories.

    I tell all my parents to take what they hear with a grain of salt....and I'll return the favor. Because I hear a lot.

  13. I'm sad for little Miss skinny Jeans!! And I agree with Dani, when I was teaching preschool some of the stories would make your hair curl!

    I too like the reference to "Mrs Bramer" ~ I think the first time you are called this as a parent you feel like you've finally "made it"! Lol.

  14. well mrs.bramer....i can absolutely feel your heart glowing from here!

    i completely agree that the most wonderful comment a teacher can make about one of your babies is to tell you she/he *really likes them*...really *loves having them in their class*...

    education is about all aspects of a child not just the ones we can measure on paper...


    how hilarious are you...after melting with the comments then i just laughed my head off...skinny jeans- on a child who knows the jeans are TOO skinny- what is that!!

    melissa xx

  15. So glad he got a good teacher!

    The skinny jeans!! Insanity! What are some parents thinking?


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