{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's Tuesday and I'm right on time and ready for coffee
And you?
Tell me what you are having this morning.
I am having the homemade version of a cafe mocha from Starbucks.
With whipped cream and all.
The real thing sounds a tiny bit better...if only they delivered.

So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning...

I would ask if you had tried these yet?
We bought a pack for our camping trip to Michigan over the summer.
 Perfect for camping.
Or work, or home. Yum. 
{I think Starbucks should be paying me for advertising, don't you?}
They totally should.

We have already been to the grocery store this morning and have all the groceries put away.
The rest of the day includes taking a walk, doing a little cleaning and straightening out
 Charlotte's closet and seeing what clothes we can get rid of.
Oh and tonight we have our first Parent Teacher Conference.
 I am kind of excited about that, hoping for a good report and no surprises.

I would ask you if you all are ready for Halloween.
Are the kids dressing up?
Charlotte got a Cinderella dress-up outfit for her birthday so I think that's what she wants to be.
I think Wyatt wants to dress up in his "army man" outfit.
He wears it at home on nearly a daily basis so it's not dressing up all that much.

I would ask you if you had any links to share with me for making my own blog button.
I made that janky Virtual Coffee one I while back ( I forget how!) and now I need to make a new one.
Now I think about it,  I may have already asked this...have I?
Anyway, I nee dot get on that so send me any links/help you might have.
 I am so not good at the technical stuff.

Wyatt and I made banana bread last night so I would send some home with you today.
This Fall weather sends me into full baking mode.
But we don't need all of it, well...I don't anyway.
Do you like to bake? Cook?
I wish I liked to cook more but I really don't. Oh well.

Well, I'm taking my coffee buzz on out of here, time to get some stuff done around the house.
Thanks for joining me for Virtual Coffee this morning.
Wishing you all a Happy Tuesday!


  1. Looks like we were both having coffee at the same time . . . :)

    We got some samples of that Via stuff and my husband loves it. I didn't try it. I'm not sure I'd ever buy it because I am a class A cheapskate.

    Halloween is a crisis in my life right now. I'm freaking out a little.

    I love banana bread and I forbid you to send it home with me! :) I love to cook and bake but our tiny kitchen stresses me out and I HATE cleaning up afterwards. So I don't do it as much as I should.

    Thanks for the coffee. Have a great day!

  2. What part of Michigan did you camp? We went to Tawas a couple times, but we'll be going to Rogers City and Mackinac next year. I love camping here! I haven't tried the via, but my starbucks travel mug holds two in the handle. lol!

    We're excited for halloween, too. Anthony is going to be a police officer and Dominic is going to be black spiderman. I bought a masquerade mask, but I'm not dressing up this year. I might be going to the ann arbor midnight showing of The Rocky Horror picture show though... and if I do I'll be magenta.

    Lovely pics as usual. They really draw you in! I just make my button via photoshop.

  3. Your pictures are beautiful! We will have Drago bakugon, Iron Man, and Luigi over here. :) Thanks for the coffee and banana bread.

  4. All your pictures are wonderful but the buckeyes and gourds image is really exceptional.

    First of all, I apologize for sending anyone on a wild goosechase last week. I'm a noob at this blog hopping thing. And second of all I just heard today that DS (11) is having a halloween party at school. Last year's shindig was such a hit they've decided to make it an annual event.

    I've just gone through the whole rigamarole of making a button...I'd like to help you but I don't really know what you mean.

    - Nancy aka AAABluestockings

  5. I looove to cook and bake, and have recently discovered the joy of the slow-cooker. Even though we don't eat meat, I've made lots of yummy fall dinners in there. Making another tonight so it's ready when I get home from Zumba (my first time - ha!).

    I can't wait to see your little Cinderella! Your pictures of her for her birthday were great!

    Here's a tutorial I used to make buttons for a corporate site: http://www.blogher.com/frame.php?url=http://zakkalife.blogspot.com/2008/05/html-button-tutorial.html.

    Hope it helps!


  6. I made banana bread this weekend too. Today it's zucchini bread time. :)

    We are so ready for Halloween, it's not even funny. It's my favorite holiday, so we go all out here. I am soooo excited for it.

    As always, I so enjoy Tuesdays. What a lovely thing to look forward to.

  7. Mmmm, Grammy used to make the best banana bread ever. And then we'd spread soft butter nice and thick, and it would be divine. :)
    My baking is kind of limited to making bread, but I can and have made stuff like apple cobbler, rhubarb pie, etc. Chocolate pudding from scratch --Smitten Kitchen's recipe is amazing:)-- is one of my favorites, even though you stand there whisking the stuff forever before it start to thicken. :)

  8. Today I'm indulging in a Pumpkin Spice White Mocha latte.Mmmm, but I'm curious about your homemade mocha. Do you have a recipe?

    I can help you out with your button if you want. Email me and we can talk. {momma @ alli-n-son dot com}

  9. oh how i wish starbucks delivered. if we were meeting for coffee i'd tell you that i would like to sleep the entire day away because my heads been killing me for 2 days and it's finally started to subside, but leaving me pooped. i'd also tell you that i don't like to cook either, but i'm trying to change that, ya know so my family can eat something besides stuff from the slow cooker.
    have a happy day!

  10. Hi Amy! Yes please, I'll have a mocha with whipped cream...yum. I love to bake, and I wish I loved to cook, but sadly, I don't. I'm anxious to hear feed back about your button, it's on my list of things to do too. Oh, mustard, clown, monkey. Happy Tuesday!

  11. I do love to bake...
    And I think Starbucks would make a killing if they delivered! Brilliant!!

  12. Beautiful photos again! I'm joining virtual Coffee for the first time today ... thanks for sharing the love!

  13. First parent teacher conferences are so exciting!
    I know Wyatt's will be glowing...it was probably all that time home with mama!!:)
    Enjoy the night

  14. A bullet list is in need today:

    *We will be going camping in two weeks. Those little Starbuck's lovelies are on The Mr.'s list.

    *We are dressing up. And by "we", I mean The Offspring. I am the same thing every year: an over-worked and tired mother. I can pull that costume off to a T.

    *I would bake more if I didn't feel like a truck ran over me by 4:00pm. Kindergarten is kicking my ass this year.

    *If you figure out how to make a button, please pass on the info. I want to do one for my simple suppers &/or the weekly menu.


  15. 1.i love coffee with you...even if i'm hopeless at posting it...

    2.i think our friendship must be more based on a glass of something white

    3.i would thank you for your banana bread & eat it on the way home in the car

    4.i too, would like someone to tell me how to make a button- i only like making the photo bit then i just lose interest

    5.i would tell you that i wish my miss.audrey would just do halloween as a princess but she is currently going as a tiger vampire- go figure- she's 5

    6.i think starbucks should at least be supplying you with free testers every day...and maybe hang your photo above their employer of the month

    7.i would tell you to smile really big when the teacher tells you how lovely and smart and helpful and wonderful wyatt is in her class- teachers like to know you are listening...and that you are a really nice mum!

    8.i would tell you, as i do every week, that next week i really will do virtual coffee with you, with a linky and everything :)

    9.my excuse this week is aussie visitors!

    10.can i at least have the recipe for your banana bread-as i didn't manage to turn up at v.c AGAIN!

    hugs sweet...
    melissa xx

  16. thanks for coffee! i love your photos ♥

    we don´t do halloween nationally here insweden, but i did share a little halloween craft while having coffee today :)

  17. In baking mode here too. Banana bread is a staple in this house.

    I am way behind in the costume dept this year. BB wants to be an elf w/her friends, but I can't really find good ready-made pieces to make it. I asked her to let me make them some green dresses/jumper thingy's, but she said she'd look like a leprechaun. :(

  18. Lovely post idea! I am more of a chai latte gal and love going for 'coffee' :)


  19. MMMM...I can almost
    smell that coffee brewing!
    Hope your week has been
    just as wonderful as your
    cup of java looked!
    xx Suzanne

  20. What a neat concept! I can't wait to join you for "coffee" next Tuesday.


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