{Saturday Inspiration}

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm pretty short on words lately.
Wow, it's been a week.
And not even a bad week, just a super busy one.
We had plans to go out to dinner tonight to celebrate Wyatt's Birthday (it's tomorrow)
 but instead he decided he wants to stay home, watch a movie and order pizza.
I'm kinda glad.

I hope you all are having a nice weekend. 
And I hope you're not crazy-busy. 
But if you are, I hope you're still having fun.

Oh, you can find my Weekend Photo Challenge here.
Happy Saturday!


  1. Ahh, stay home, watch a movie and order pizza sounds so good. :)
    Lovely evening!
    We're having basil pesto and pasta tonight... wonderfee

  2. I think I love your son. That sounds like my kind of celebrating! Oh, and do I spy a BALLERINA in one of these gorgeous pix? :)

  3. Happy birthday to Wyatt! Enjoy the night in.

  4. Happy birthday to Wyatt, and hope all turns out all golden, beautiful and lovely.

  5. Happy Birthday to Wyatt... Have a great day.. and all the best..

  6. I love it when my kids take the easy way out. Makes me want to hug them real tight for being a slacker like me.

  7. I'm feeling inspired!!
    Hope that pizza at home was just what you needed.
    Enjoy the day


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