{I Heart Fall}

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm not really even trying to knock things off of my
but I can cross off several already.
I made these pumpkin bars. Yum.
Tried this at Starbucks yesterday. Yum.
And we made a trip to the Pumpkin Patch last week.

We made a quick trip to our local Pumpkin Patch because I wanted 
pumpkins for the kids' Birthday Party this past weekend.
We'll go again to get our pumpkins for carving later.
Oh, how I wish I lived on a farm and had my own little pumpkin patch.
Wouldn't that be fun?
I mean, a lot of work, but fun, too.

We went after school and there was hardly anyone there, not crowded at all. We had the slide and the maze and the climbing thing to ourselves. It was fun and peaceful and it was a gorgeous Fall day. 
We won't even talk about how I made a wrong turn when we left though, just because I was
daydreaming and it added about a half hour onto our drive home....oops.
Other than that and the fear that I might really run out of gas, it was perfect.
You know, not perfect-perfect but perfect enough for me.

I love the white pumpkins, and the gray-blue ones. I love the bumpy, warty-looking
 ones and the bright orange perfectly shaped ones.
I just love how my pumpkins and mums look on the front porch.
I love the leaves and the acorns, all of it.
 I love Fall, I really do.

This gorgeous tree is right in my very own backyard.
We can see it form two of the upstairs bedroom windows.
We live in a 90+ year-old house whose backyard has been
sorely neglected for maybe the last twenty years.
At least.
Trees, grass, bushes, all of it...just ignored.
This tree is definitely the high point,  but I'll take it.

Is it Fall where you are? I really hope it is.
If it's not I would totally send you a big box full of leaves, acorns and buckeyes in the mail.
I really would.
I hope you are enjoying Fall where you are.


  1. Hi there... late night? Me too! I dedicated my Friday Flower to you... Love this blog! Lx

  2. A-maaaazing pictures.
    And now I want a cookie:)

  3. You have such photography skeels. I am jealous.

  4. Fun pictures! I cant wait till we go to the pumpkin patch!

  5. Oh I just love these pictures, I love pumpkins!

  6. I love these pictures... i won't say it is exactly fall here.. but we are heading straight into it.. :-)

  7. Goodmorning Amy!
    I like fall, not really loving the cold and rain we get with it... I just red Laura's Friday Flower for you and I told her, I love your blog too. It makes me laugh outloud or nod my head in agreement, thanks for that! Enjoy the weekend,
    Maureen x

  8. ...Oh, and I mean read, not red ofcourse...

  9. Beautiful day at the pumpkin patch.
    We are heading there this weekend...finally!:)
    I would love that tree in MY backyard!
    Enjoy the day

  10. Hey Amy, we're doing spring here in sydney {which I love} but I also love fall {we call it autumn tho}, We also don't have pumpkin farms to visit {boo hoo}, they look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Such fun, festive pictures Amy! I heart fall myself...as you probably have figured out by now! Although I found a ton of beauty in winter last year and I'm really hoping to be able to do the same this year! {fingers crossed!}

  12. I love trees. I really do. We lack them here in Colorado, so I have to go hunt for them to appreciate the changing of the leaves.

    As always, the pictures are lovely. I am enjoying fall so much right now I might burst. :)

  13. Oh wow! Are you in a REAL pumpkin patch? Where the pumpkins are actually growing and you have to cut them off the vine to pick them? I haven't been to a real patch in ages. We just have the kind where they ship in all the pumpkins and put them in a field. So not the same!

    I love the bright orange, fat, flattened-looking Cinderella pumpkins. And the gray blue ones too. So pretty.

  14. your blog is one of my favorites -- -love your captures and beautiful writing.

  15. it doesn't feel like fall around here at all this week. it's been hot, hot, hot. i hope that ends soon. it's making me a little cranky. your photos are beautiful, and I'm especially loving that silhouetted one.gorgeous!

  16. How fun! I love fall and the pumpkin patch! It is too bad it is still in the 90's here, I can't wait for some cooler weather!!

  17. The pictures are just amazing--those leaves at the end made me a little bit teary; I am a New England girl living in Nor California and while we may be one of the pumpkin capitals of the country, it is usually 85-90 degrees when we go to the pumpkin patch and we don't get the leaves changing like that. I miss true autumn down to my soul.

    Also whoever invented the salt, chocolate and caramel combination is a minor deity in my book. That drink is too delicious for its own good.

  18. Amy,
    Your photos are always a JOY to view!! What an amazing photgrapher you are!! Beautiful!

    Do you know I was in desperate "want" of Fall leaves one year (we don't have a whole bunch where we live here in Calif.), my sister who was living in Kentucky at the time, sent me a whole box of them for my art projects!! Your sweet post jogged my memory of that "sisterly" gift!

    Thanks for sharing! Have a happy weekend!
    xoxo Gloria

  19. sooooo jealous!
    no fall trees here.
    it did rain a little though....
    you are a treasure for sharing with me though.

  20. I'm glad fall has found you. We are still faking it here in Houston. I tried to pretend today and just gave up. I had on cute jeans, my new boots, and layered a cardi over a tshirt.

    As soon as I got back home I stripped down to cut-offs and a loose t and changed the menu from potato soup to grilled chicken.

    Come on, fall! Show H-town some love, huh!


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