The Year In Pictures:: Part 1

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wow. It is almost 2011. 
I know it is such a cliche but man, time flies. It really does.
"Enjoy it, it goes so fast!" 
That phrase, which seems to be on repeat from all the well-meaning people in your life when you
 have a new baby or young kids always annoyed me a little when I had my first baby.
But as all of us mamas know, it could not be more true. It does go fast. Too fast.
And you really wish everyone else did get it. Because there is no going back. 
These days and years and moments are here and gone. So try your best to enjoy it, it goes fast.
If you can't tell, the end of this year and the approach of the new year is making me feel a little nostalgic.

I started looking through pictures from this year yesterday and picked a few of my favorites of the kids. maybe I had a little trouble narrowing them down.
Looking back I see how much they have grown, all of the things we have done and how much fun we have had these last 365 days. For my sweet little Wyatt (and me!) it has been a year of firsts. His first day of kindergarten, losing his first tooth... a very full year.

And for Charlotte, my sweet little girl, my little partner. She has adjusted to life with her brother in school, started ballet and spent lots of time with mommy this year. One of the best decisions we made this past year was not to send her to preschool this year. The time we have had together this year, just the two of us, really is priceless. And it is a time that will never come again. 

How do you feel about the New Year? Are you ready for a fresh start? 
Sad about leaving 2010 behind?
Do you make New Year's resolutions?
I think I am both a little sad and ready at the same time. 
I'm thinking about doing a post on New Year's Day and opening it up for the week so other's can link up and share their thoughts about the new year, resolutions/new beginnings or sharing 
your year in pictures/highlights of 2010. 
What do you think?

 After a busy couple days and a couple of very tired kids, we are spending a lazy day at home. I'm thinking one of these days I will get actually get all the new toys, clothes. etc put away, the Christmas stuff down and hauled back up to the attic and the house back in order.  But I have a feeling it's not gonna be today.
Happy Thursday, y'all.


  1. so beautiful! what a fantastic year.

  2. I love reading your posts, and find them so inspirational, you are also a fantastic photographer and seem to capture the magic of each moment, the photos really are truly gorgeous. I really think a photo is the best way to capture a moment, it can tell you so much.
    I don't usually make New years Resolutions but this year I am going to however, I am going to make sure they are fun, I don't want it to feel as if it is a chore. I am going to be doing a post New Year's day with my resolutions so please check it out.
    Until then have a great new years and I look forward to reading your posts in 2011 :)

  3. I love your photos. *sigh* Do I mention that in every comment that I leave? What a fun look back! Seems like everyone in blogland is doing a little reflection on 2010. Time to dig through photos - hee! :D
    Have a Happy New Year!!!!

  4. I have thoughts of the upcoming year as well. The past few years I've been in the middle of a school year and just trying to survive. This year I'm still in the middle of a school year, but it's going better. So I have time to think if things other than survival.

    I would be glad to link up. I'm doing a sort of 365 year in review and a look to '11.

    Happy New Year, Amy!

  5. Pix of your little boy in that hat. *swoon* I swear he will get any girl he wants if he continues to wear that hat. He is a doll!

    And your little lady is simply gorgeous with those blue eyes.

    Love this look back. I'm a little lost looking forward to the new year. I always make little simple resolutions that I can keep and this year I'll have to do the same. I'm not ready to take on anything monumental right now.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Great collection of photos. It is so wonderful that you have so many of the kids, so special for you and for them when they are older.

    Also feeling bittersweet about 2011. I love the idea of the link up!

  7. Beautiful pictures. Wishing health and happiness in 2011, to you and your loved ones. I think if you have that, then you're pretty much covered. Lx
    P.s leave the decorations up till after New Years Day... I took mine down on New Years day once and felt absolutely miserable... keep the magic alive for a little longer!

  8. I just love these pics. You can just feel the love coming through. I wrote today about my hopes for the next year. To be more present especially when I'm withy son. Like you said, it goes fast. Way too fast.

  9. Oh for goodness sakes, your children are just too gorgeous! Thanks for the reminder to not take any days for granted. Happy new year!

  10. i love looking back through your fab photos.
    they are so full of life!

    happy new year sweet friend!!
    i hope 2011 has even more wonderful things in store for you! :)

  11. I too am feeling both happy and sad about the new year. 2010 is going to be hard to beat!! Happy New Years!! Love the pics.

  12. Love your photos, as usual.... I'm always motivated when the new year rolls around: it brings out the planner in me!


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