{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hello everyone, good morning. I really wish I had time for coffee this morning. I would love nothing more than to have real coffee with real girlfriends. At a coffee shop,  at your place, here in my pj's online...just good conversation with friends and maybe a nice fat cinnamon roll, too. I could really use it this morning ...but right now I need to be getting ready to go help at Christmas Craft Day at school. I don't think my little guy would appreciate me going to school with him looking a hot mess like I do right now. And I slept in. Again. My sleep is messed up and I am having such a hard time getting up on time when it is this cold, it's 12* right now. Brrr.  So I am going to have to grab my coffee and run. I'll be gone most of the day but will try to catch up with everyone later on today.

Have a great day...I'll have to get caught up on all the gossip later. 
And like I would tell my girlfriends in real life, call me if there is anything really good.
I hate missing out. 
Happy Tuesday XO


  1. Hope today goes well, and you can get some good rest tonight... hang in there!! xoxo

  2. have a great day and hope you are able to get some good sleep soon.

  3. It is a busy time of year though, isn't it? Early mornings, snow to shovel, craft fairs to handle. Phew! It's a wonder we have time for coffee at all!

  4. Oh, I hate it when my sleep is all messed up. :P
    Anyhow, hope the day goes good!
    I'm trying to find a quote to inspire me to paint.....heh.

  5. I think coffee was made for cold mornings! I am trying to cut back as I drink it up till noon! I luv the "stories are gifts~share"!! Hope you get to have coffee with a friend before the holidays & get a good night's sleep! Try getting in a little workout in earlier in the day (20 or 30 mins, I like the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred~kicks your booty for 20 min!) and you will sleep better at night. hugs, Cathy


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