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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's Tuesday and it's the first day of February.
Ready for coffee?
I am.
School was cancelled for today last night. Last night. That is a big deal where I live. We are in town,
not a county school and I live in Central Illinois. And our district just doesn't cancel very often.
We know how to drive in snow and ice here in Illinois...well, for the most part. We're used to it.
So anyway,  it's a big deal. Still keeping fingers crossed that we don't lose power through all of this though.

So this morning I am sitting on the couch, under a blanket, by the front window, drinking my coffee,
while watching the snow plow go down my street. With my whole family at home.
Yay, finally a snow day!
It's going to be a day (or two... or three) of cartoons and movies and building forts and tea parties and projects and stuff. We are all stocked up and ready for it though. Well, I think so anyway.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning-or this afternoon, or whenever you could squeeze me in- I would tell you that this weather has most likely caused an interruption in the husband's Birthday plans this week. We need to do some more birthday shopping and errands and baking and....yeah, not sure that's all gonna happen now. Hoping we are able to get all of it done later in the week.
If not,  I guess we'll be celebrating a little late.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would tell you that we watched The Social Network the other night. Have you seen it? I liked it, it was good...very, very interesting. It's amazing to me that someone so young came up with this whole facebook thing...I can't even make a blog button.
I like to try and see as many of the movies nominated for Oscars as I can. I am a movie nerd like that. Pre-children I saw a lot more movies then I seem to these days, bit I still love going.

I took this picture of these flowers in manual. And it turned out. Look at that. I was so happy with this. One of my goals is to learn how to use my camera, really use my camera in manual mode. So I am slowly taking it off of the automatic setting and trying different settings.
This just reminds me that I am so ready for green grass and fresh flowers. Real flowers, from a garden.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning I want to know how you are.
What is going on in your life lately?
And how is the weather where you are?

Well I'm out of coffee. So I think I will get going. I've got some serious crafting to start on today.
What else are you gonna do when you're snowed in?
Happy Tuesday y'all. Stay warm or safe or cool...depending on where you are I guess.

Oh, since we are having coffee and talking about coffee this morning...check out this site that is
all about coffee, coffee, coffee.
She featured one of my photos the other day. Her goal is 1,000 cups of coffee.
Go check it out and if you have a cool coffee photo you should send it to her.
Thanks for joining me for coffee this morning and have a great day!



  1. I seriously love snow days. I home school 3 of my 4 kids and on snow days I get to have my teenage son at home for the day.
    Your photography is amazing. I marvel at your work! I'm slowly learning to use my manual setting, also.
    I linked up in a matter of speaking and wrote my very first Virtual Coffee post today! Yay!

  2. I've never experienced a snow day before, but as you have it, it sounds awesome (every once in awhile, at least!). Hopefully it won't put off the birthday or other plans too much though! Those flowers (and the coffee shot) are gorgeous. I haven't had the gumption to go to manual just yet, so bravo to you! This is my first time joining Virtual Coffee too....thanks so much for hosting this! I'm looking forward to participating!

  3. I have had many snow days around here. and having lots of yummy coffee!

  4. Hi Amy. I'm glad we got to have coffee before the power went out. This storm is hitting us tomorrow but they are only forecasting 8 to 12 inches so that is not enough for a snow day for us. We seem to slog through just about everything. I hear 'ya about losing power though. In 1998 we lost power for 8 days with an ice storm. It looked like a war zone outside. Snow plows were breaking down WHEN they could get down the street, the shelves in the stores were empty of provisions. No bank machines dispensed money, no gas stations could pump gas. It scarred me for life. I hope you keep your home fires burning for the next few days.

  5. We have a snow day here too. Well, it's not a snow day, it's a freezing outside day.

    My family in Central Illinois is also waiting for the big snow. My sister and mother-in-law both work for the school district, so they are home. A day of crafting sounds awesome! I think that is what we shall do too!

    Thanks for the coffee. And stay warm!

  6. Your flower photo turned out great. I've been using all manual for a couple of months and I'm really getting comfortable with it.

    Enjoy your snow day. We had three of them last week and two teacher workdays this week, so that's a LOT of time of for my kids!

  7. Snow day here! I finally linked up to your lovely blog and virtual coffee!! hugs, cathy
    hope you can hubby's bday plans figured out after the storm!

  8. One of the down sides of living in Ca. The last time I remember it snowing where I live I was 5! Enjoy your snow day! Thanks for letting me join.

  9. i love snow days! stay warm and safe and dry.

  10. Beautiful blue skies & sunshine in Idaho this morning. Although it is accompanied by much below freezing temps, it looks great from where I'm sitting!
    Have you seen Inception yet? That was a good one. I really want to see The Social Network soon. We're hoping to check The King's Speech off our list this weekend!
    Enjoy your snow day!

  11. wow, you americans seem to have your fair share of snowdays this year! i have only had ONE day of snowday (aka days when school is cancelled) in my entire life! i guess we just get there anyway :)

  12. Amy, you are gonna love manual photography! Your photographs are so amazing I was suprised to know that you weren't shooting in manual already. Your photos blow me away as it is, I can't imagine what you'll come up with as you learn more and more! ~ I work at a University and they cancelled last night for today as well. I'm home, watching a blizzard through the window, Secretariat on DVD and blogging.

  13. movies, tea, rest, and making dinner. obvious things for us today:)
    thank goodness we don't have a bad warning for ice, not really, because my dad isn't freaking out quite yet. ;)

    have a lovely snow day!!

  14. Good job with your first attempts at manual shooting! It's not always an easy switch, but that picture looks great!
    We are in the midst of the beginning of the blizzard. Hope you keep electricity!

  15. Ooooh manual shooting is so exciting isn't it. My first couple shots in that mode were D-U-L-L! Yours is gorgeous! Yay... :)))

    Oh and I hope that you are staying super safe & warm with your cozy little family during this blizzard. Hugs to you!

  16. I would love a snow day here in SoCal! Enjoy the time with your family. I'm learning to shoot in manual too. Lots of trial and error but it sure is fun!

  17. amy.
    the thing i have had to get used to in manual is ALL the throw aways.
    when you get past that and expect them, then you don't get as frustrated.
    your pictures are so amazing, i am a little scared of the amazing-ness that will come from you when you master manual....i may pass out.

  18. Here in Central WI we are missing most of the snow action, which I'm kind of sad about. I like big snow storms where everything shuts down and families stay close to home.

    I also watched The Social Network last weekend. Good movie!

    Thanks for coffee, it was good.

  19. We were loving our snow day too and even get another one tomorrow!!
    Love that flower shot, it makes me really want spring!!
    Enjoy the night and stay warm

  20. morning snow bound bunnies....

    what is it with the worlds weather...!!
    my country has cyclones & floods....yours mountains of snow!
    and i am still freezing my butt of in the countryside in blighty!

    you make me laugh...i too cannot make a blog button!!
    can't wait to see that film...last night we did the Kings Speech...i'm still thinking about it non-stop today!! loved it!

    hope you craft...bake & build snow men with the bambinos today...and maybe tomo and the next...the hubster can enjoy an extended celebration...

    what about your friend flying in?? or visiting from elsewhere??

    melissa xx

  21. Hi Amy, just come over after sharing a cup of tea with Melissa at miss sew & sew. I'm watching the coverage of tropical cyclone yasi and should really be getting to bed, but I can't move from the tv...
    The world has some crazy weather at the moment.

  22. no snow days here in florida... oh well. i hope that you enjoy the warmth of home and that your hubby understand about his birthday plans being delayed! i am a last minute girl so that has happened to me (for reasons other than snow!) and i tell myself to be prepared earlier. one day i might learn! i love those purple flowers! i am trying to use my camera in manual, too. i wonder if i will ever get it. the "P" setting works a little better for me... but i am not giving up!

  23. Hope you have power! So excited that you will be my Joy of Love buddy! :) I love your photos and can't wait to see what you come up with. I'm surprised that you don't shoot in manual b/c your pix are gorgeous. Can't wait to hear how it's going for you.

  24. We might me getting a snow day on Friday. Here...in Houston! A MAJOR big deal.

    Have fun on yours and hopefully I'll be having fun on mine.

  25. Wow...love this! Found your blog link on In Bloom's blog and thought I'd join in a little coffee talk.

    I'm in Iowa and we had our HUGE snow day last week. It was so nice...ahhhh just thinking about it makes me long for another one. Well have fun, and I'll add you to my blogroll so I can join in again sometime...:-)

  26. Thanks for the coffee! I didn't get around to my coffee today. I'll have extra tomorrow.

    Quick note: I think you're amazing in how you affirm everyone who participates in your virtual coffee linking up by leaving them comments. It's so encouraging! I bet it takes a very long time to do so. Every comment is very personal to that person's particular coffee post, too. It's never a "general" comment. You actually take the time to read everyone's post [ or so it seems :) ].

    You're great. Keep on trucking and doing what you're doing. It's inspirational.

  27. why do I keep missing this. :( I just love your tones, so yummy :) is that a preset you use? it's really lovely!

  28. oh yeah, I saw the social network and I am confused about what was factual or not. incredible story.


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