{My One Little Word...}

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This year I need to conquer ::
that inner negative voice
my lack of discipline
the (mostly self-imposed) obstacles that stand in the way of me losing weight/becoming healthier

There is more to be added to my list and I will do that as I go.
 I plan to update my goals on here regularly in order to keep myself "accountable". 
Lord knows I need that.
And I struggled with this word: Conquer. I wasn't sure,  so I couldn't commit to it at first.
Here's why: When I  hear this word I think that it means beating something once and for all...
and I feel a little like that is setting myself up for failure before I even get started. Does that make sense?
I do not think all of these things will be conquered or beat never to be dealt with again, 
they are all things that need to be worked on continually. Forever really, and I know that.
But no other words seemed to fit and I kept coming back to this one. 
Conquer. Like a fighter.

I love the idea of having my one little word to refer back to, to give me some direction, 
to use as a visual reminder, to make goals and lists from, to help me start this
year off in the right direction. But mostly just as the daily reminder that I so desperately need.
Do you have a word? If so, I'd love to hear it.


  1. Great word! I like it better than mine..."clean." Interestingly I was thinking much of the same....clean up the clutter, clean up the house, clean up my mind, clean up my diet.....
    Here is to 2011!

  2. I love that word! There are so many things in my life that I would just love to conquer

  3. YES! There will always be an opportunity to conquer, little by little.

    I think my word would be faith. I need it.

  4. Conquer is a great word, it will empower you. I guess my word this year is Listen. Things end up coming to me that way, but I often forget to stay quiet enough. I want to open the doors to what is coming my way.

  5. Conquer is such a strong, powerful word. I love it. And I love why it's your word for the year, it's very fitting.

  6. that is a very good word. :) isn't it interesting how (mostly) different and relatable different people's words are? ♥

  7. I love it Amy, and I think one way to look at it is being a conquerer in one situation at a time. Not one gigantic issue at a time. One moment. One choice. You'll win some and lose some, but you'll practice being a conquerer and probably be more conscious of the ways in which you already are one. I am looking forward to hearing it happen!

  8. What a powerful word - I love it.

  9. Hmmm...warrior lady, go forth and conquer!

  10. Great word...so powerful!

    You'll do it, Amy. I have no doubts.

    I gave a *pause* to rest for a few minutes and read this.

  11. amy, your word!
    i see that you had a little trouble accepting yours, too... and i get it. once and for all is BIG, too big. but day by day... that sounds a little more in reach.

    my word... strive. i'm just past acceptance, working on a post :)

  12. A good word very inspirational I think it is a word to carry you forward, my word will be Explore I hope to do a lot of this for treasure, for secret hideaways and for inner peace!

  13. I love your blog!! Loving your word - I haven't chosen one yet, but if I did I think it would be "love" - to love more, love my enemys, the unloved, those that irritate me - you get the picture!


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