{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good morning.
The coffee is brewing and I am sitting here in my pajamas ready to catch up on some blog reading.
One of my favorite parts of the day.
Thanks for joining me for Virtual Coffee on this cold winter morning.
Did you notice that today is 1/11/11? Kinda cool, huh?

If you came here for coffee this morning I would show off my little office because I finally got
 it cleaned and organized yesterday. It was a real mess. I mean embarrassingly so, like the door was kept shut at all times. If you look at my previous post ( Ten on Ten) my little office is the tiny room off of our dining room. It's a small room that my neighbors say was added on as maid's quarters in the 60's.
Which is fitting because I'm pretty much the maid around here so
 it should be my little room. It feels so good to go through drawers and piles of junk
and purge, doesn't it? I have a lot more to do but it feels really good to at least get started.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would tell you that I just love my little twinkly lights and I can't make myself  take them down after Christmas. So I left the white ones up on the mantle in
 the living room. I like the clutter to be gone after the holidays but oh,  I do miss the lights.

We were so hoping for a snow day today but we didn't get it. We did get a couple inches of snow though and we are supposed to get more throughout the day. Because of that Eric did not go to work (he commutes) which means I did not have to take the little man to school. Hooray. We are keeping our fingers crossed for lots of snow and a good old-fashioned SNOW IN. As in no one goes to work or school or anywhere. That sounds wonderful to me.

I printed these off for the kids to make after school today. How cute is that, anyway?  I love finding cool free downloads online. We printed them on regular paper as opposed to card stock, which probably would have been better so I' think we'll glue the little people onto Popsicle sticks. Miss Charlotte is so excited because she says the people are from France. She has a fascination with France, the Eiffel Tower and wants to ride on a boat down the Seine River. Ummm...yeah, she's four -years old.

If we were really meeting for coffee today I would tell you that it's time for me to put on our French Playground Cd, per Charlotte's request, and go get ourselves bundled up and ready to go. She has been asking if we can make Valentine's and  hang up some heart decorations around the house. At first I told her January is too early for all that but then I thought....why wait? So we're off to Hobby Lobby
to stock up on some craft supplies. Bring on the red and pink... the doilies and the glitter.


Crafting and French music and organizing and cleaning and white twinkly lights and coffee....
It's all just so lovely.
So I'm also linking up with Heather's Life Made Lovely Monday, a day late, today because
 I have missed participating it that lately. Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday.
Thanks so much for stopping by for coffee!


  1. Sounds like much fun! We did have a snow day today....and I have to admit we are getting a bit of cabin fever. ;)

  2. Your office looks lovely!! So pretty. We're hoping for a snowday tomorrow ;)

  3. Christmas lights should really be an all year thing! I love them too and had a really hard time boxing them up. I actually kept a strand handy in case I want to play with it while photographing!!! I am dorky like that.

    I love your "office" it looks so crafty! I really need to get to a point where I can open my door to the office. Some day......

  4. miss charlotte is right on the mark loving PAris, it is awesome!

    and i love the color of your office.
    thanks for coffee!

  5. I should take a leaf out of your book my workspace is looking like a bomb exploded in it as usual

  6. Wow, Amy you are ever so impressive! (said with my best Arnold Schwarzenneger accent). You have inspired me to do some decluttering with all those pretty blue pots and filled jars. I will have to do it pendant que je chante en francais de plus!

  7. i LOVE your mantle and think white twinkly lights deserve a place in a home year round. if they can do it in England i don't see why we can't, too. :)

    p.s. we love french playground too. it's one of our fave putumayo kids!!

  8. Hobby Lobby is certainly the place to go for all things crafty. Have you seen the new $1 section at Target...lots of French inspired goodness there.
    The girls are wishing for lots more snow too!!
    Enjoy the day

  9. Too funny ... I do a Tea on Tuesday. They are such great posts. Your office looks great ... love the little flowered catch-alls. And I agree, I miss the lights after Christmas.

  10. I bought some gel window clings for Valentine's Day on the "10 for $10" special at the grocery store. I was thinking I should at least wait until 1/14 to put them up. You know, so Valentine's Day would be within a month. But then I look at this bleak snowy day and I think, what the hell, I'm putting them up today!

    And where did you buy those ADORABLE containers with the rose print? I, too, am trying to create my own little office space, and since I live in an otherwise male household I want my space to be girly and feminine. Those would be perfect!

  11. I love all of those Putumayo kids cds, they're so fun. Of course I noticed the date today...It's my b-day. Do you think that means I'm going to have a great year? Happy Tuesday!

  12. Shannon- Those little containers, which are actually probably menat to be flower pots, were found at Kroger (grocery store) after summer. They were marked down to 50 cents each so i snatched them all up fast! : )

  13. ah, i love those rose-covered pots!! darling:)

  14. amy i am so happy to have made it! before tuesday is over! i love that today is 1/11/11... second "all ones" of the year... with one more to go- yahoo! your office looks great- how nice to have your own space... even it is for the maid??!! hoping for a snow day for you!

  15. I love those tins that are floral...so pretty!

    Sandy Toe

  16. Oh, I'm jealous. I'm jealous of most of these cozy winter days I'm reading about around Blog Land.

    This week our new school is opening. So I get to pack, move my classroom, unpack and set it up again (in one day...ahem). All this while teaching 22 kindergarten kiddos. I get to work all weekend including MLK Day. It's lunacy.

    I'm throwing a pity party. And instead of coffee I'm chugging wine.

  17. Wow, you are organized. I wish my craft room looked like that! :)

  18. oooh, amy, if you have a paris lovin' lady in your home, if you don't already have it, you should get her the children's book Adele & Simon. it is my favorite! a brother and sister wander all around paris looking for their lost things. each page features a famous spot in the city and the back of the book tells more about each spot. we have the sequel too, which covers famous spots in the U.S.

  19. hey friend, i just linked up for virtual coffee but your v.c. button wouldn't paste for me! i tried twice. is the code working?

  20. amy- i can't take down all our fairy lights either!!!
    i refuse until it is light and airy and summer again!!!

    go charlotte- we are gonna get you to meet us in paris yet!!
    i took ella to do exactly that -the boat ride and all for her 11th birthday- anything over 10 and i figure they've waited that long they must really mean it!!!

    melissa xx

    ps love your maids quarters- i may take to organising mine!!

  21. I love love love your office...the colors are my favorite! And thank you so much for your helpful comments over on my page...I feel better =0)


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