Ten on Ten :: January 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ten on Ten time, January style.
We stayed home all day (except school drop-off) and I did a lot of cleaning/organizing/laundry.
 Notice my dining room...by that time it was looking pretty good,  believe it or not. 
It feels really good to be tackling some long overdue projects and hanging out with my
little partner today. Today was the first day back to school and it was a little tough (getting up might have been hardest on me) but it was a good day. I look so forward to the tenth each month and I must say, I love when it falls on a Monday. I think it helps get the week off to a good start.

ten on ten button

That's all folks. 
Join me here tomorrow for Virtual Coffee.


  1. We had blueberries this weekend. . .they tasted like summer!

    love that first one. . .slowly waking up!

  2. love them all. we used to have a church bench just like that and about three moves ago had to give it away. oh, I so miss it!

  3. These are wonderful!! I especially love that pot of coffee :) I am loving your blog!

  4. i always look forward to your set, amy. such great variety in your images this month! love that oatmeal shot!

  5. I'm jealous of your earring collection. Sadly, I can't wear ear-bobs as my Mema calls them.

    Great set, Amy. You always make me smile with your set.

  6. Cute shots! I love those days ... where you feel like you made a little headway in the chaos! Man, I wish I had one of those days myself. :D And dang, can you believe it, It didn't dawn on me until NOON that it was 10 on 10 today. Boooo....

  7. Yippee for getting back into a routine. Love this glimpse into your day.

  8. I LOVE those earrings, and the detail of your hair in that shot!

  9. I love the picture of your dining room with all the clothes baskets. Why? Because there are so many times I have not taken a picture in my house because I didn't have a clutterless spot to shoot. Silly me!

    You rock!

    - Nancy

  10. amy, i love your day :) and amelia bedilia? oh, my favorite!!! i have wanted to participate in this since i saw it here... so thank you! and i hope to be back for coffee! i've missed it so much, but life took a turn towards crazy :)

  11. morning you...ok just a quick list of what i need from your life...

    your jewellery -"all of it" said ella- she's 12 & pretty damn cool so there you go!
    your chandelier and that gorgeous cupboard in the corner
    your rag rug
    your folded washing
    & your gorgeous kiddos for a play date....
    meet you in paris!!!!!

    melissa xox
    p.s email me your address plllease for miss.cuppie xx

  12. Great set. I love Amelia Bedilia...that looks liek a new version?? I'll have to find that .

  13. Mmmmm looks like the perfect day to me. Laid back! Sippin on Gin and juice minus the gin. Ok, maybe that was unnecessary (gin & juice reference) but I'm in a weird mood.

    I do love the earring. Delicate and simple. And so much more light than December. Your shots are relaxed and clean. I enjoyed your Jan set quite a bit. I wish I would have remembered. The last couple days have been frantic. So I think tomorrow I'm doing a 12 on 12. He he he... just for the hell of it.

  14. i love days like that...organizing and making things feel fresh after the holidays always feels so good.

    i love your ten! i'm sad to say that even though you reminded me i still didn't get it done this month. sigh. at least there's always next month.;)

  15. Love your set, as usual! I forgot about Amelia Bedila books!!! I am going to get some for my girls...I LOVED those books when I was a little girl!


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