The Admiral.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Check out my little beauty.
An old school AM/FM clock radio. 
Would you just look at that color, please. Perfect.
Just $13. And it works.
This is the treasure I was talking about last week that I found on our Road Trip Adventure.

Wyatt's question: Where do you put the cd's? Too funny.
I have to say, in a world of instant everything, I kind of like turning on the radio, listening to the hummmmmmm while it warms up and then turning the dial to find a station.
And the beauty of one of these radios? You never know if you're gonna get this
or maybe even this...but it's all good. Even when it's not that good I do enjoy the randomness
of the radio. And you really should watch that second video,  just for a good laugh.
And a random fact I learned from my little radio this past week?
They play a lot of Elton John on the radio, I mean a lot. Like every hour. What's up with that?


We are on Day 3 of schools being closed here.
Ice, snow, freezing rain, high winds, below zero temperatures and flickering power....
it's been a crazy week.
We are making the best of it though.
Today we've got cards and decorations to make for Eric.
Happy Birthday to my sweet husband and the best daddy ever.
Hope you all are having a good week, happy Thursday!


  1. ooh!! i love it! it matches your kitchen so well, like they were made for each other. :)

  2. what a beauty.
    oh and the clock is awesome too.
    what a find.
    is your husband's name eric???
    so it mine!
    everyone just calls him reedo...

  3. That picture of Wyatt staring down the radio is priceless! Before I even read what he said I was thinking, "he has no idea what that is!" Too funny!

    Have your kids ever seen a typewriter? Mine look at those in total amazement. That's when I feel ancient!

  4. My husband's father collects old radios. Has quite a few neat ones. I am of course a fan of the radio since we don't have TV, just radio or DVD's on the monitor if we must watch something. We'll be listening to the Super Bowl on the radio Sunday. There is something about the sound of the play by play on the radio that you miss on TV. Anyway. . . I like your cool find!

  5. That clock is FANTASTIC!!!! I have been looking for one similar to that!!!

    I recently found an antique store here in Co.Springs that I was drooling over. I want to go back minus my 2 year old and really look around.

  6. This is really a wonderful treasure - wow! I love it! Happy Birthday to your husband! I hope you're enjoying the time even in these circumstances! Keep warm!

  7. 1. Amazing Admiral Clock. I'm a bit jealous. lol. J/K. :)
    2. I love listening to the radio - I love the oldies and Big Band Swing stations.
    3. Yeah. Winter is seriously getting old. Fast.
    4. I know. Elton John. 24/7 on ANY radio station. lol.

  8. Oh that is too much! It actually has KNOBS!!! And just so you know, never diss Elton John within my hearing range.

  9. kim- I like old EJ, like 70's old, just not the more recent stuff : )

  10. i luv it!! The Neil Diamond song sounded funny. He sounds a lot better on the radio!! such sweet photos!

  11. SCORE!

    We have a snow day tomorrow. Life is currently very good.

  12. Day three?! Wow! How bad are the roads by you? We're supposed to be leaving for Florida Sunday, and I'm beginning to wonder if we'll get out IL!
    Also, love the kiddo quote. Too funny that they'll never really know things like radios with out CDs and telephones that are mounted on the wall.

  13. Sigh. Send me your camera in the mail. You barely use it anyways, right?

    PS...I've nominated you for a blogger award! If you feel like accepting, check it out:

  14. Love the radio! The curtains and the table too! I'd love to just invite myself over ;) XOL

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