This Week:: Snowed-In Randomness

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yes, I could have broken this post down into several little ones but instead you get a random post of our week, in black and white and color and everything in between.

So this has been a crazy, different kind of week for all of us, for sure.
School was cancelled three days in a row and Eric worked from home for three days.
We have had ice and snow, freezing rain, way below zero temps, high winds and...did I mention the ice?
I pretty much alternate between LOVING this time to just stay in...watching movies, wearing my fuzzy slipper socks all day, building forts and drinking hot tea while watching the white wonderland from the comfort of my feeling like I am going to go absolutely CRAZY if I am stuck in the house for one more minute. It's a fine line for me. Very fine.
But just check out the beautiful ice/snow bokeh (second photo) outside my back door, Winter really can be such a beautiful thing.... I just have to keep reminding myself  that.

We have made Valentine decorations; cut out hearts, painted them and covered every inch of them in glitter. We dug out all of mommy's vintage Valentine's, filled candy dishes with little conversation hearts and decorated dozens and dozens of Valentine sugar cookies with friends and family yesterday.

We celebrated daddy's Birthday with parents and grandparents on Thursday; ate pizza and played Bingo at great grandma & grandpa's house. Opened presents and made cards and ran errands for special presents. We surprised daddy with lunch out for Mexican on his Birthday where they got confused on whose Birthday it was and shoved Wyatt's face in the ice cream first instead of Eric's. He didn't think it was quite as funny as we did. But we did get to eat fried ice cream which kind of made up for it.

Yesterday I got a surprise package in the mail from my sweet far-away friend Melissa. Oh, how I love getting packages in the mail! Is there anything better? A package from the Queen! Right, Charlotte? Okay, maybe not really from the Queen but her picture was on the stamp anyway. The package really brightened our dreary day and just look at the string of hearts she made for me. They are hanging in front of my living room window and make me smile every time I look at them. Thank you for being the sweet, thoughtful person you are,  Melissa!

Right now I am still in my pajamas, drinking coffee and watching huge snowflakes fall outside.
Huge. And It's supposed to snow on and off all weekend.
Right this minute I am glad to have nowhere I need to go and nothing I have to do.
But tonight the kids are staying with their grandparents while mommy & daddy have a date to celebrate a birthday and I will be oh-so grateful for that as well.

If you have been buried by snow I hope you are hanging in there or working your way out of it...or just enjoying it the best you can. Happy Saturday, y'all!


  1. When I saw the name of your blog... I had to stop by. 13 is my lucky number... born on the 13th. :) I love your pretty winter photos. I also love me some hot tea on these freezing days. The paper hearts are so cute. Happy Birthday to your hubs! Have a wonderful date night!

  2. Me again. :) I read your about page and had to tell you I was also born on a Friday the 13th in May. My dad was hoping my mom would have me on Thursday or not until Saturday... but I came on Friday. And he said it was the best day. Not 'unlucky' like everyone says it is! :)

  3. Sounds eventful! I get cabin fevery too if inside too long, but you guys definitely are making the best of it! I love Valentine's Day decorations they make so happy!

  4. hang in there pal...i reeeeealy want to make some of those hearts.....

  5. i SO heart those map hearts!
    and i really want a mantle someday.....

    it looks like a good week, dear. i know--cabin fever=blech. totally.

  6. oooh i have the fever too :( love the hearts!!

  7. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful!! Stay warm with all that snow and ice! :)

  8. Sounds like y'all had some excellent and beautiful snow days! We were hoping for a little bit of snow, but all we got was ice. At least, the gray has finally lifted and the sun is back out.

  9. That sounds like an excellent week.

    Can I come go stir crazy at your house?


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