{My Vintage Valentine}

Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Monday!
Well, I have been crafting away over here on this cold Monday afternoon and I thought I would show you what I have been working on. I have quite a little collection of vintage Valentine's because I buy them every time I see them,  I just can't seem to pass them up. The problem is, I might have a few too many so I'm having a bit of a hard time coming up with different ways to display them.

I wish I would have thought about this a little earlier because it would have been nice to be able to display this all month long, not just for a week. But that's okay. I think it turned out super cute.
I scour antique stores and flea markets for these vintage valentine's but you can also find a lot of cool reproductions, like these here. I do love these but the reason I love the real vintage ones is because they have a past. There are notes and inscriptions and dates on them. Some are written in cursive...or written crookedly and even mis-spelled. Oh, how I love that. And I wonder who wrote them, who they were writing them to and where they are now. I would love to know the story behind some of them.

But anyway, you can only hang up just so many of these on little clothes lines around the house, so I needed something else to do with some of them. So I gathered up some of my Valentine's, a wreath and some yarn. I wrapped the yarn around the wreath, hot glued lace on one side and stuck some Valentine's on the bottom using double-sided tape. I tried to be careful not to put the tape over any of the writing. I want to add some kind of flowers on the side still but just haven't gotten around to that yet.  Total cost for wreath = $5 and total time was probably less than an hour but hard to say because I got interrupted 1.5 million times. At least. The sun isn't out much today and my pictures are looking a little rough, sorry about that. Oh, I can't wait for the sun to be back on a regular basis!


What an easy, quick and cheap little project. Now that's what I'm talking about.
Hope everyone's week is off to a good start, see you here tomorrow for Virtual Coffee!


  1. That is awesome! You did a great wrap job. :) Those vintage Valentine's are so sweet. Sure beats the pants off Sponge Bob Square pants!

  2. Oh Amy those are simply darling!
    Love the wreath too
    Have a happy day!

  3. That owl valentine is the cutest thing EVER!!! I love it!!!

  4. Cool collection, and what a clever way to display them.

  5. aww, "i have a reservation in my heart for you" :)
    sweet wreath!

  6. I LOVE vintage valentines, too! I love that you even made a wreath with yours!! So fun. Love your blog!


  7. Such cute and unique way of decorating for Valentines.. love it!

  8. morning lovely....
    brilliant valentines goodies....
    i now have a new love to persue!!!

    soo glad you got all our goodies in the post....hearts of friendship from me to you....x

    love your last lot of random photos....children...games...cake face...love it all....
    melissa xxx

  9. Good morning Amy,
    I love vintage/retro Valentines. I have a very few, but they are something special ~ reminding me of my childhood, of simpler times.

    Today is the first time that I've been to your blog, but I'll be back! We have a lot of similar interests. I hope you'll visit my blog too ~ I plan to add your blog to my links called "Beautiful Blogs" because Lucky Number 13 certainly qualifies!
    With best wishes from Alberta, Canada ~

  10. This is tops. Truly perfect.

    You can make me one whenever you get a chance. ;-)


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