Get Me Outta Here!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So the sun was out yesterday.
I saw it when I took Wyatt to school.
The rest of the day I saw it through the windows.
I have been at home pretty much since Saturday afternoon.

So here's what's on my mind, in a nutshell:
Charlie Sheen is crazy.
I need to order Proactiv like right now,  girlfriend looks like a 14-year old and it ain't pretty, folks.
A friend linked to this on facebook last night and now it's stuck in my head. Stuck-stuck.
I said that hearing that song makes me want to buy a forty ounce of malt liquor, a pack of cigarettes (I don't even smoke), get in the car, turn up the radio as loud as it goes and cry.
I told you I have been cooped up since Saturday, right?
Don't judge me.
I think this movie looks so good and it's not because of Edward (?) or  whoever because I have never even seen the movies or read any of the Twilight books.
I really want to read the book first though, I need to get on that but there's that whole library thing...
I am so behind on answering emails, commenting on blogs, etc. Really behind, sorry about that.
I don't think I'm going to get caught up, like...ever.
I could never live through a whole house remodel. We are on Day 5 of the great big bathroom
remodel and that's about to push me over the edge. And I'm not actually even doing anything.

I have the itch to get another tattoo and I am thinking of lyrics from this song.
You do know that's my boyfriend, right? *Much better photos here though.
This video seriously gives me the chills when they pan out to the crowd...what a great band to see live.
I just completely dorked out about Pearl Jam again, didn't I? Thanks for all of the nice comments yesterday and well wishes for my little Charlotte Rose.
I was feeling like a bit of a jackass after whining about all I need to do while my little one is sick.
I'll be back tomorrow...unless I officially go cukoo, which is a real possibility right about now.
Happy Wednesday, y'all! The week is half way over.....wahooo! 


  1. dude...pimples suck....who knew I would still have them at 31? lols
    good time huh? :)
    And I love edward..he is my boyfriend!!! I actually wore a T-shirt yesterday that said my boyfriend is a vampire.....lols

  2. You're hilarious. And yeah, read the book first because it's amazing and I have a feeling that the vampire kid is gonna cheese it up. Maybe Reese will save the day though.

    I would give my pinky to see Pearl Jam live.

  3. Gorgeous photos - totally have Bonnie Tyler stuck in my head now

  4. I really hope things start to look up for you real soon. You will catch up as soon as you get some ME time which sounds like it is much deserved. Sending a big virtual hug your way. Love Gem xxx

  5. Oh..I love Bonnie Tyler's voice, great song! I love that vintage toy camera..great photos. I actually met Eddie Vedder briefly once, he had terrible BO, honestly it was like, knock you over terrible BO. Sorry...spring is right around the corner..and that always makes things a little brighter.

  6. Hi Amy~ I've been to your blog before. Love your humor. Understand the coffee concept. Just poured my 3rd cup. And understand falling behind on just about everything! Enjoy this lovely day. ~ Amy in the Nevada desert

  7. Ok... I may or may not have laughed so hard that I peed a little!? :-) You are freeking hilarious!
    Charlie Sheen needs to get outta dodge and hide out for a while 'cause I am sick of him.
    I too have an itch for another tattoo (wierd... just discussed this with a pal yesterday) I am thinking something celtic perhaps!?
    Thank you SO MUCH for making my day :-)
    Happy WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. YOUR boyfriend? ::AHEM:, methinks you'll have to share. haha

    p.s. that's one of my favorite pearl jam songs <3

  9. aaaaand now I'm sitting here watching pearl jam videos. oh well, who needs clean socks and underwear anyway?

  10. The book is so good. Definitely recommend it!

    I am sorry that you feel so cooped up, but it was most amusing to read your cooped-up thoughts. :)

  11. It's OK to not be caught up. Just do what you can... :) People know you care! As always, lovely pictures!!

  12. hahah, love all the randomness. :)

  13. We all get cooped up. Hope the Internet makes for at least a partial outlet!

    Also, I love those photos. Wonderful light, and they're just so fun!

  14. The book was a great read - and I'm a Twilight fan - yes, at 45. But I think RPat will do even better things in this movie - read the book first, then you can enjoy the "scenery" of the movie even more.

    Love that camera!!....

  15. yes, read the book first. it's wonderful. and i think it's a good policy to always read the book first. good luck!

  16. i saw pearl jam back in 1991 I think it was. at love them to pieces.
    I have been cooped up, but yesterday was a nice sunny day so I went walking through a cemetery. it was peaceful. I have an itch for a tattoo also, it's just expensive!
    cute pics.... :)

  17. I'm a new follower, found you through Lesley @ Five Seconds from Crazy. I've buttoned up your Coffee button, and hope to be on time to link up on tuesdays... :)
    I'm a procrastinator (and possibly can't spell since Mid-Terms are taking a toll on me.)
    I'd love for you to check me out at

  18. Ha. yeah...we aren't even going to talk about how I am an almost 24 year old, married, and have 2 children AND I am obsessed with The Twilight Saga. Since 2007 my best friend and I thought we were the only ones who were obsessed. Because back then no one knew who Rob was. lol. Hello...Harry Potter much? lol. I loved him as Cedric. ;) Yeah...I have pretty much all the merchandise in a rubbermaid bin in my basement. lol. I sold half of it last year at a yard sale...then decided to keep the rest of it for kicks and giggles. lol. :) My b-day party this year is Twilight themed. I am so excited. I have a cakery designing the cake right now. I will definitely post pics once said party is over. ;) Go Team Edward! lol.


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