{Desperate Times...}

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Call for Desperate Measures.
You know this, right?
My mom has always said that.
Well, this was me last night getting ready.
I did put make-up on before I left the house though, promise.
And before you think I am randomly taking pictures of myself getting ready just for the fun of it,
 let me explain. 
I was actually sitting on my bed with my curling iron sitting on my bedside table, make-up bag,
brush, deodorant and jewelry scattered all over my bed. 
There is no mirror in my bedroom so I was using photobooth on my MacBook as my mirror.
Pure genius, right?
Desperate times, people.

Oh and why was I getting ready on my bed using my computer camera as a mirror?
Well, let me explain.
Saturday morning Charlotte woke us up at 4:30 a.m. throwing up.
{And yes, she was just sick a few weeks ago, you're right}
She threw up several times, no temp, no other symptoms...that was it.
She had to miss her cousin's birthday party, she stayed home all day and that seemed to be it,
definitely not the flu, but something.
But I had plans.
Dinner first with friends and then going to hear a friend's band play.
Yes, my child was sick yesterday morning and yes, I went out anyway.
But I did skip dinner.
I decided I would wait until the kids were both asleep to make sure nothing else came up with Charlotte.
It didn't.
She fell right asleep but I stayed upstairs to get ready so I could listen and make sure she was okay.
I wasn't going to go if I wasn't convinced that everything was fine.
I might be selfish, but I'm not that selfish. Really.
And I was only going to be about 4-5 blocks from home.

So about 9:45 after everyone was asleep and no one had woke up yet, I peeked in their rooms
 one last time and I headed out.
I didn't feel guilty.
I don't feel guilty going out ever really,  if you want to know the truth.
I am leaving my kids at home with their dad, he is quite capable.
I need time away. We all do. And I take it when I can.
My job is to be here taking care of the kids and the house and all that entails, daily.
I need adult time and conversation, music and yes, drinks help, too.
Having time to myself makes me a better mom, wife and person, It's true.

So last night I snuck around quietly, getting ready in my bedroom, sitting on my bed putting on mascara, then carried my shoes downstairs so they weren't loud on the wood stairs.
 I felt like a teenager again sneaking out of the house. But I used the door, not the window.
The moral of this story?
Desperate times call for desperate measures...do what you gotta do.
Without guilt.


  1. super cute story :) totally agree about needing that grown up time. and you are a genius for the computer mirror idea. good job and i hope you had a great time!! loved the shoes photo, and what in the world...sickness again. so been there this winter!

  2. your shoes are to die for!
    wish I could even wear stuff like that!
    it kills my back/legs/feet!
    glad she's okay and so happy you got the chance to get away! you need it, we all do!

  3. you do have the BEST shoes.. and no, you should not feel guilty.. we NEED time for ourselves... good for you... I do it once a month with my girlfriends and it's pure awesomeness.

  4. classic!!
    i can totally relate & yes you have an awesome row of shoes my lovely!!

    melissa x

  5. I still wrangle with a little guilt when heading out... and then I feel guilty about THAT! Good grief :)
    But you are too cute - and I wish I could go out with you some evening!

  6. party hot momma!
    daddy can handle those little sickies for a while....

  7. Well, I have no guilt even when heading out while the kids are awake, and even if they've been sick. I think my husband is a better parent anyway. LOL. I agree, your shoes are AWESOME. I have shoe issues.

  8. Good for you! You're one hot mama and I hope you had a fabulous time!

  9. love this!! preach it. and the macbook mirror? total genius.

  10. I used to feel guilty leaving when they were babies but NOT NOW. No way :D I hightail it outta here. And honestly, they are usually pushing me out the door planning how to spend their "guy" time! I hope you had a blast - you deserve it :D

  11. It's so true! We do need time with friends and time to feel like ladies and not "just" mommies. It's so refreshing.

  12. good for you! i hope your time out was wonderful.

  13. oh Amy, this is awesome! So proud of you for going out and monitoring Charlotte while getting ready. I love all of your pics (those spring ones with the pussy willows~oh my how sweet!). hugs, Cathy

  14. Love the story...and your shoes!! I agree...moms need adult time too!

  15. with those cute shoes, you must go out!


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