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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello, Tuesday!
Hello, Spring Break!
Hello, everyone!
Yes, it's Spring Break and I am not even ready to ship the kids off...yet. All is well here.
This morning I am sitting out on my front porch drinking my coffee while the kids are riding
 their scooters up and down the sidewalk. It is a little bit chilly but is supposed to be in the low 70's later.
Go ahead, read that again: I am sitting outside on my front porch drinking coffee.
This, my friends, has not happened for a long time.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning....
I would tell you that we have had a couple of beautiful days in a row. 
Outside, barefoot, short-sleeves, windows open, that kind of thing. Pure bliss.
Last night we slept with the windows open and it felt so good.

We didn't leave the house at all yesterday, just spent the day riding scooters, watched a movie, 
we busted out the sidewalk chalk, the kids painted, played Lego's, Lincoln Logs and just relaxed. 
Oh-and we made some really good oatmeal muffins. Oh, I love those days.
The fighting though? Yeah, I always forget that the kids have to get re-adjusted when Wyatt
is out of school for any extended amount of time. And so do I.

Today I am hoping to head out of town on a Road Trip Adventure with the kids.
Right now I am kind of waiting to see what the weather is going to do. If it looks like rain
 we will probably just save that for another day this week though.
I mentioned it last night and the kids were super excited. 
They know that Road Trip = antiquing = if they are good they might get a couple of dollars each to spend. See, this is how I get them to go antiquing with me without ever complaining. Smart, huh?
They actually love it, even when they don't get to buy anything, believe it or not.

If we were really meeting for coffee today I would ask you what is going on with you...
How is the weather? Does it feel like Spring there yet? What is new in your little world?
Well, I am going to listen to a little more Erykah Badu on Pandora, get the house picked up 
and head on out of here. One day at home, one day out. I need balance. 
Thanks for stopping by here today, hope everyone has a beautiful day!


  1. your post is sooo refreshing :)
    I wish we were having your weather... it's still chilly here, although it was in the 70's on friday. Enjoy your day :)

  2. sounds like an amazing day to go with your beautiful pictures. that mug you have...i have the same print tablecloth on my desk. i know God loves me because he made orla kiely do a line for target. j/k. can't wait to hear about your adventure!!

  3. Sounds like you guys are having a wonderful relaxing time. Plus, I'm sure the fighting is actually useful, this way by the end of the week you'll be ready for spring break to be over!

  4. Ugh, that last picture is making me realize I need fresh flowers in my home pronto!

    Yes, it is spring here! Children are running in and out of the house (as are the cats!) and there are short sleeves and dresses and sunshine!

    Have fun on your possible road trip! I can't wait to see if you find anything good!

  5. hi amy!
    i've put out my best cups and saucers and brewed the coffee, so i'm all ready for a natter...
    still not warm enough to sit outside in england, but the sun's shining and we have daffodils, so spring IS coming :)

  6. How do we live in the same state, just mere hours from each other and you hae 70s and I have 30s?!
    Now that I got that out of my system, lol, I hope you have a lovely time antique hunting if you end up going. And enjoy your weather. REally, I mean that sincerely. I'm just a little green with eny!

  7. Oooh, would you share the oatmeal muffin recipe?

  8. Mmm...sounds like a lovely start to the break! Enjoy!

  9. Happy Spring Break! Sounds wonderful - hope the weather held up so you could go road trippin! :-) I love virtual coffee... so fun!
    Happy Tuesday friend!

  10. Ohhh, sounds like fun. I'd love to tag along on a "road trip" (better than being stuck at the office.) Have fun and I'd love to see what treasures you find.

    Thanks for coffee!

  11. Enjoy your spring break! I love, love, love that last picture! The flowers are perfect in that vase! Enjoy your road trip, I hope the weather holds up for you.

  12. Been raining here, but I think the sun is starting the peek through! Enjoy spring break, glad you are having some nice weather!

  13. shut up! 70's... = jealous <--- me so.

    And if that made sense you would know that we have a winter storm warning. Fun. Right as I'm about to become a business trip widow again. Fun. fun. Fun!

    But I'm going to try your $ technique because I'm dying to get some things to make a house a home.

    Enjoy the rest of your break chica and take a lot of pictures on your road trip. A road trip sounds perfecto right now. :)

  14. hah. today we've got rain and about 40 degrees. :)
    but i like rain sometimes. even though it means mud. i'm backing up pictures...

    sidewalk chalk! i can't wait for more good days. i love sidewalk chalk. :)

  15. yay for warm weather and time off! i want to go antiquing now, too!

  16. I will post my oatmeal muffin recipe tomorrow!

  17. spring honey bun!!!

    yehar for us both at last!!

    your break sounds like heaven built in lego....!

    melissa xx

  18. The weather here has been amazing! Thanks for asking :) Happy Tuesday, see you next week!

  19. Sounds amazing! I know the past few days have been in the lower 70's here too! It has been such a blessing! We have had the windows open, sweeping sidewalks and the back porch, we cleaned up our patio set and popped it on the porch, did some spring shopping - wore shorts two days in a row! :) Bliss. Definitely bliss. :) However, it is supposed to storm the rest of the week and then be in the 30's and 40's again. Uggh.

  20. Amy, you painted the most perfect image of spring!! Happy spring break for the kiddos. Glad you're having some great weather for a change. I'll keep trying to send the sunshine and warm weather your way! ;)

  21. So envious of your nice warm weather. We had blahhh rain and dreary stuff all day long. We have Spring Break next week and I cannot wait. No rushing and running around :D Oh and I loved your pics - such cute shoes Charlotte is wearing!


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