Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring is here.
Well, not officially, that's not until Sunday, BUT,  it's pretty much here.
Yesterday was the nicest day we have had in long, long time.
I feel like our Winter started at the end of November. That was a long time ago.
A long, long Winter indeed.

But I stepped out the back door yesterday morning and there was a robin pulling a worm out of the ground,  the birds were singing, the sun was shining and we were not wearing heavy coats.
And just so you don't imagine it to be too perfect, I almost stepped in dog poop about five times 
just on the way to the car. Guess what we will be doing this weekend?
Oh, but how we have waited for this.
I know we will still have some chilly days (but please no snow, seriously) but Spring is definitely
on it's way now.

Yesterday we opened a few windows in the house, drove with the windows down in the Jeep
and I actually saw Charlotte's feet. In sand.
Ummm...let's just pretend it was somewhere else and not our little old lake though, k?
I'll let you imagine it's something else, like we do.

We got a bunch of pussy willow branches from Eric's mom yesterday.
There are little jars and vases and pitchers of them all over the house now.
We are bringing Spring inside.
We are ready.

Oh-and in case you missed it yesterday....
And we are excited. No big plans, just the way I like it.
Ironically, as I am typing this it is thundering and the temperature has dropped considerably...
welcome to almost-Spring in Illinois, folks. But we are hoping for warmer weather again
 over the weekend.
So what about you, any big weekend plans?
Happy Friday!


  1. wonderfully perfect pictures.....i wanna dig my toes in the sand too!! Cant wait for spring and summer!! have a great weekend!


  2. hey...there's those yellow leggings...!:)
    yesterday was beautiful, today not so much!
    Have a happy start to spring break

  3. I want a pair of those ladybug clogs! And an armful of pussywillows. I tried to find a pussywillow bush to plant in my own garden last summer but nary a one was to be found in my city. Here, it's back to activities now the pox are in retreat - hockey tonight, tomorrow music and gymnastics class (then a hockey game we are still mulling over in the evening). Sunday we are marching in the St. Paddy's parade! THAT, my friend is a full weekend. I am not even going to pretend to do anything but. Enjoy!

  4. these are beautiful pictures. the little shoes are my favorite :)

  5. beautiful pictures. I would take the lake anytime...water is water and sand is sand : )

    enjoy the beautiful weather! Spring is almost here!

  6. love pussy willows! i had forgotten about them. another thing to look forward too, though!

  7. oh i just loooove your photos. always. something lovely and melancholy about every one. your beach looks great too! just seeing toes getting to sand is a relief in an of itself. yay spring!!

  8. I love pussy willows! A sure sign that spring is here.

  9. Look at those trees about to burst with blooms! And blue sky. How lovely. I keep looking at these photos over and over - it's so dark, dreary and rainy here.
    And those ladybug shoes are so darn cute!
    Happy almost spring!

  10. sigh.
    we don't have buds happening here yet. i'm kinda jealous. that would be the TRUEST herald of spring for me.... we're going through a chilly spell for a few days here....

  11. Love these photos!! Adorable bug shoes.. I need those for ME for the gardening this spring.

    Same plans as you - enjoy a simple weekend in hopefully good weather :-)

  12. ~Aaahhh,Pussy willows,love them!!

    ~weekending for us consists of Saturday chilling with the Family and Sunday,Engagement shoot for me and then Visit from My Dad from the UK:0)

    ~Happy weekending to you too:0)

  13. love.love.love. these pix! The beach. The sand. Who cares if it's a lake. It's a body of water with a beach. Nothing beats that.

  14. Pussy Willow...you are made of my dreams....

  15. holy cow those pics are BEAUTIFUL! i adore pussy willow!!!

  16. I LOVE pussy willows, so pretty!
    where in IL are yoU?!
    I am in plainfield!
    these are gorgeous photos!


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