{I Was Like...}

Thursday, March 17, 2011

So I think I mentioned a while back about trying to get myself in more pictures with the kids...and without. You can read that post here and see a beautiful picture of my grandma while you're at it.
I've been doing the whole self portrait once a week thing. Man, that's hard. And annoying.
And sometimes depressing...really it's often quite depressing. But anyway, I'm doing it. I take lots of pictures of the kids and I with photobooth on my MacBook. I love that thing. It's quick and easy and the quality may not be the best but at least I am actually in photos with my kids. Next up? Family pictures. We need to get family pictures taken this Spring/Summer. We have never had an official family picture taken. I know, I know, that's terrible. We are going to do it. We have to. I also think it's a little ironic that many bloggers (myself included) hate to be in pictures....like, you're talking all about yourself and your life here every day for everyone to read but don't want anyone to see you? Really? Yeah, really.
Then again, I also think it's strange when you never see the writer "behind" the blogs you read, too. Where are you anyway? We don't want to see 1.5 million pictures of your life and kids and what you ate today and never, ever catch a glimpse of you. Right?

Charlotte's new thing is to constantly say; "I was like..."
{Yeah, and she's four}
Charlotte: Mommy, I can't find my shoes.
Me: Look in the basket.
Charlotte: Mommy, I was like;  Oh my gosh, I can't even find my shoes...
Hopefully this phase doesn't last long.

* * * * *
Mother-of-the-year (that's me) just realized that Spring Break actually starts this week, the last day of school is today. Off tomorrow and all next week....so ready for the break. A vacation would be nice, really, and you can call me crazy but I really look forward to just hanging out around here and taking it easy. Letting the kids stay up a little later, staying in pajamas way too late (or all day) and hopefully spending lots of time outside. I am so happy my kids are easily amused and do not need me to entertain them all of the time, I am lucky that they are very good about that.
Well, now I have some more coffee drinking and lounging to do, then we need to get showered and dressed so we can go visit my sweet little niece today. The kids haven't seen her yet and they can't wait. 

 Hope everyone has a great Thursday...I can't wait to hear Wyatt's report on whether they caught any leprechauns with the traps (upside down cups) they set up on their desks yesterday. 
On the way to school the kids asked me if there were really leprechauns, and although we have never acted like there was, I just kind of blew the question off because I am not ready
 for that whole house of cards to fall--you know, the Easter Bunny, Santa, Tooth Fairy, etc. 
Let my kids stay little, and none-the-wiser, a while longer, please.
Thankyou, Thankyouverymuch.

*wow- what a random post, thanks for hanging in there with me.

embracing the camera with Emily today.


  1. I think it was a lovely post (as always)
    The trouble is kids don't stay kids for long enough now a days, so it's nice for the little fantasies in their lives to stay true for as long as possible. I treasure those memories of my childhood and was absoluitey gutted when I found out they weren't real, life was never as exciting after and once you know it is impossible to pretend haha : ) Enjoy your spring break xxx

  2. I love your pics and think it's so neat that you do self portraits. I would love to do that! I have a 3 yr. old daughter and I am amazed at the things she says at this age, I can't imagine when she is 13.

  3. the "i was like" example made me laugh out loud!
    i can just imagine you staring at her.

  4. ps. LOVE that collage at the top. you are so lovely.

  5. love the photos. hope you all have a great spring break. I know I love just being with Noah and not having to worry about a bed time and wake up time. lol

  6. "I was like" this post made me laugh....girls do that ALL the time....when I taught KInder I thought I would go bonkers!!! LOL
    You look fab in the pics.....dont even trip!!! :)


  7. beautiful pics! I agree with you about needing to be in more pics, unfortunealty I also agree that self portraits can be down right depressing. I am always behind the camera for that very reason, but have been making more of an effort to be in front of the camera every now and then.

    Leprachauns are real...my kiddos believe (they are 8 & 11)...I certainly didn't turn the toilet water and the milk green this morning or draw shamrocks all over the bathroom mirror...must have been that crazy leprachaun playing tricks on us again!

  8. My 5 year old uses the same phrase! How funny...and I love the idea of taking more pictures of myself (yikes). I even included one on my post today :) you are gorgeous by the way!

  9. Beautiful pictures, and words.

  10. you should try it more often, you are great at it.

    I think it is liberating. you learn a lot about yourself. it is great practice too :)

  11. Love the collage of pictures! I have a Charlotte too! When I read your blog I was like "wow, another Charlotte!" Sorry, I couldn't help myself, lol

  12. Beautiful pictures Amy. Self-portraits are so hard.
    Spring break is right around the corner for us too and we are all ready. Beautiful day today right??:)
    Have a happy night

    Bought Aubrey a pair of yellow lace trimmed leggings at Target last week and thought of the ones I remember Charlotte wearing last year!!:)

  13. My kids will have numerous pictures of my feet.

    I'd take some of myself but that requires getting out the tripod, guesstimating my focus, setting timers and rushing to get in frame. Most pics of me are courtesy of my iPhone.

    Lovely pics, Amy. For reals.

  14. beautiful photos of YOU! you are gorgeous!
    I am doing the 52 week self portrait too!
    just started yesterday!


  15. have a lovely thursday! it's looking like rain again here...
    i love the picture collages. you're beautiful:)

    ah! yes, we'll hope the "i was like" is just a phase. a very short one... ;)

  16. Ha!! My 4 year daughter cracks me up with some of her things like that. (Oh GOSH!)
    Good job embracing the camera. Great photos!

  17. Have a wonderful break with the kids!!! :)
    Your daughter is seriously too much!

  18. OK, stick a fork in me. This is the first post I've read, and I already know I love it here.

    And yes, I agree 100% about actually SEEING the girl behind the blog! Your photos are gorgeous, and so are you. :)

  19. way to embrace your beautiful self mama!

  20. once a week slef portrait? great idea! i would guess that as you take the pics week after week it gets more comfortable?

    we are on spring break this next week, too... and i'm off except for weds & thurs! we will be doing a lot of nothing... and it will be so nice! i did ask the kids to think of a few things they would wnt to do though.... and the county fair is in town, too. just looking forward to it all!

  21. I am participating in Tracey Clark's Picture Inspiration and the first prompt was to take a self-portrait. I don't I have ever really taken one, I do not like to be in front of the camera alone. And shooting it of myself is even more awkward! And 98% of the time I hate them. But I love all yours, and I think maybe the trick is just trying out all different angles, I love yours are all different from each other and don't have to show your face. Thanks for the inspiration, Amy! When I was younger (but not that young) I used that expression as well, but can't remember how long it lasted!

  22. You. are. gorgeous. That collage of self portraits TOTALLY rocks! Your kids are going to treasure that. Seriously.


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