Monday In The Kitchen...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Monday we made oatmeal muffins. Old-fashioned oatmeal muffins.
I was trying to think of something to bake, looked in the pantry and we had rolled oats. 
Then I opened this cookbook and turned right to a recipe for oatmeal muffins.
And it actually worked out that I had everything I needed for them. 
Don't you love that? That never happens around here.

So we cranked up the music and got to work. 
I let the kids pretty much to do everything this time.
I mean, normally I let them help out a lot but today time was not of the essence, not at all, so 
we took our time. I gave them the correct measuring cups and let them measure. 
And pour, and mix and test things out, of course.

And you know what I have decided makes baking even better? 
Cute cupcake liners, cute aprons and good music.
Oh, and good help.
And sunshine through our kitchen windows.
Too bad I couldn't be this enthusiastic about cooking, huh?

Ever since Shauna posted a link to this kitchen a few weeks ago I cannot stop fantasizing about it. 
Seriously?! I am so in love with this kitchen, y'all.
Go drool over it right now, then blame Shauna when your husband gets mad at you for wanting
 to re-do your whole kitchen...or you can blame me, or Joy, because it's actually her kitchen anyway.
And check out more of her fabulous home here.

Oh and today was kind of an alternative 80's kind of day in the kitchen. 
Which means some of this and this, and lots of this.
And yes, my kids might have been a little embarrassed of my singing and no, I don't care.
*Note to self: awesome 80's music always brings me out of a funk. And fast.


  1. oh no you didnt!! I have never seen Joys blog....I LOVE it...and my husband will be mad at you...hahahahaha


  2. the chalkboard cabinet! no freaking way. but your cupcake liners! those birds. off the charts cuteness!

  3. those cupcake liners are so stinking cute! so springy. i cannot admit the number of hours i spent drooling over joys home and kitchen after shauna introduced us to it.!
    happy wednesday friend!!

  4. i know. i know. i know. she has the best taste.
    love the cuppy-cake liners.

  5. i love those muffin cups! i have some from valentine's day i've been meaning to use...

  6. This post makes me HAPPY!! I love those liners. I may actually be tempted to bake if I could put them in something that cute.

    Actually, probably not. Want to come over to my kitchen?

  7. Oh gosh, now I'm all wanty!!

  8. Gorgeous photos and I love how you composed them! Sounds like a fantastic day! Enjoy! :-)

  9. I thought of you this weekend. I drove home from my parents' and listened to Pearl Jam's Ten in its entirety. REALLY loud.

    Was amazing.

    Love oatmeal muffins.

  10. You are so brave. I haven't let my 3 year old son measure yet. But he loves to dump in ingredients and stir. Most of the time everything stays in the bowl.

  11. love the colorful muffin liners! and yes, i love when i get the baking bug, open the pantry and have what i need. and for something healthy, YUM!!

    beautiful kitchen. i adore the chalkboard paint! as always, thanks for hosting us for coffee, too!

  12. i love being able to let them fully participate...add in sunshine, cute aprons and awesome music? TOTAL WIN!! =)

  13. lovely post~
    I NEED some cute cupcake liners!
    you are such an inspiration to me!!!

  14. You're speaking my language with the 80's sounds. Now I want to go and watch Some Kind of Wonderful
    Love the cupcake liners, your happy pics, and Joy's house tour. Thanks for linking to all that goodness. :)
    Yeah, and wish I was enthusiastic about cooking too (it's not my favorite).

  15. Just this morning on a quick run to Walmart, of all places, I saw some really cute cupcake liners for Easter. I didnt get them and now Im kicking myself:( Do you have sources for the ones you show here? Theyre divine!


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