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Friday, April 1, 2011

I think it's a good morning when this is your message from the Universe. Even if your message from the Universe comes in the form of a little tag on your Yogi Himalayan Apple Spice tea. I'll take it. And no, it's not the first time I have gotten this exact message... but again, I'll take it. 
And I am starting to love a hot cup of tea a little more and more, too. 
Welcome to your random Friday post.

Yesterday I sat and made about ten pairs of these little earrings and could not stop myself. I made yellow, white and blue little roses and burnt my finger several times on the glue gun but it didn't even phase me. Seriously, making earrings and drinking hot tea and listening to 70's Folk on Pandora. A great afternoon. 

We did the preschool registration thing this week and all went well. I talked with Charlotte ahead of time about acting like a big girl and refraining from barking/panting like a dog when people spoke to her at school. Luckily, she did not. Sometimes when people ask her a question or she is embarrassed/shy she will answer with a "bark, bark". And I don't mean that she actually barks but she says "bark, bark". And check out that outfit she picked out for her big day. She was so proud of herself for matching those shoes with her shirt. Yes, sometimes the outfits are a little much with the stripes, polka dots and crazy tights
 but I love style. Well, usually anyway.

So back to the earrings. I know these are nothing new, these are everywhere and mine are nothing special at all. They are also not professional looking--as in they are not worthy of being sold or anything-but they are worthy of a give-away I think. So, I think I will give away five pairs next week. You don't have to do anything silly or jump through any hoops, just leave me a comment and tell me which color you would like: blue, yellow or white. I don't care if you are a lurker, regular commenter or visiting for the first time, I'm just going to randomly pick five names on Monday.

This was yesterday. She did not want him to go to school. But she did want to go to Joann Fabrics 
after we dropped him off at school, so she got over it quickly. She really does miss him when he is at school most days though. She also likes having her own time at home though too.

I have now moved onto 80's love ballads on Pandora and now think I have the motivation to 
get up, get this house picked up, laundry put away and beds made. Tonight is Family Game Night at school so the Bramer family will be in attendance and you know Mrs. Bramer got roped into volunteering...oh well, that's okay, I am meeting the girls afterwards so it's all good.
Happy Friday!!! 

And here's a little inspiration for you. 1988-style, baby. Muwahahahaha. 
I hope it's stuck in your head all day.You can thank me later.


  1. My DDs used to have that same rainbow sweatercoat from BabyGap and we LOVED it! Have a great weekend:)

  2. I LOVE her outfit! And the earrings! I'll take some in white, please! :)

  3. Amy! Those are super cute earrings! I'd take yellow... or blue... hmm... yellow...
    Your kids are the sweetest, seriously. I'd love to get my kids around yours to have some of their cuteness rub off on mine {not that mine aren't cute.. but you know... the sibling love stuff}

  4. Oooh I think I would like yellow, please. Some sunny yellow to welcome spring :)

  5. i love those little earrings! i'd like any of the color choices...but i think i need a little yellow in my life :)

  6. I'm laughing...I had a barker too. :)
    Your earings are really cute. Don't say that they're not good enough to sell...read your tea girlfriend!

  7. I love that hug picture! I think I would like some yellow, break out of my blue box a little bit :)

  8. she is mad cute!!
    and so are those earrings!!
    i really wanna say i'd like yellow but i have like 3 or 4 pair of yellow earrings! So If I win I'd choose white!!

  9. oh me me me! i would love to win a yellow pair :)

  10. So cute! Love her style.
    I would choose blue.


  11. Girl! I'm here with Becky (Farmgirl Paints). She just watched me box up your HOOOOOOOP art and noticed your address. That's where she grew up! She's wigging out. :) Here she is.....

    Hey I just drove to Shannan's from there...how crazy is that? I didn't realize you were from my old hood. Small world! Anyway just had to say somethin':) I probably drove right by your house...crazy!

  12. dude i am totally a lurker and PROUD of it...hahahaha
    i would buy those FYI
    and I would love some yellow ones....


  13. Just bought a cute new blue tank top today so I would choose blue:))

  14. Mrs. Bramer, I love your soul. AND your music choices. (HUGE HAIRBAND GEEK HERE!)

    Domo misses Bean when he goes to school. How did you hold up at registration? It was a tough day for me once the kiddos were asleep.

    Oh and... white earrings. Happy Friday!

  15. Corrine- o h please do NOT think my kids get along all the time , definitely not. you need to read this post about how i almost left them in amish country to hitch a ride home on a horse and buggy. no seriously, though. i almost did. yes they miss each other but some days the arguing is on
    my. last.nerve. ; )


  16. Too cute! And as far as the earrings go, I'll take whatever color you're making :)

  17. I like the earrings too and my favorite color is blue.

  18. Blue is my favoritest color, but white goes with everything, but I'd like to introduce more yellow into my life. Heck, I'll take any color!

  19. I had to almost laugh out loud at the "bark bark" because my daughter from age 2-6 acted either like a dog or a horse , non-stop! it was HILARIOUS!
    so CUTE she is!

  20. i love the blue ones!

    awww, sweetest picture of siblings:)

  21. loving your handmade earrings, they are so pretty!

  22. I had no idea Pandora had an 80s love ballads station. I am all over that.

  23. allo you...

    well you know that Ella and i can talk about rose earrings all day long!
    i could throw those white ones in from you for her *teen* birthday next week!!! Amy i can hardly bare it!!

    also ...popped over to tell you i have a little blog award for you....you MUST do it!

    melissa xxx

  24. i am trying my best to love my soul.

  25. Cute little ear-bobs, as my Mema would say.

    My kids miss each other, too. Well...The Girl usually misses The Boy. It takes a while for The Boy to reciprocate.

    Oh, and your cabin out in the country in the above post is just a-freakin'-mazing.


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