Saturday, August 27, 2011

This is how I ended my evening last night.
Look at that sky.
I think sunset is my favorite time of day.
And I  love when I get to see the sun set in a wide open field like this.
It could not be any more beautiful.
If I got to end every day (or just a lot of days) like this I would be so happy...and peace.
How could you not be?
I need sunlight... Need sunlight.
I just don't think I could ever live somewhere that rained a good majority
of the time and you didn't see the sun much, the lack of sun
really affects my mood...maybe more than it should,  but it really does.

For my photography-loving friends out there, many of these pictures
I did absolutely nothing to,  just uploaded them to my computer.
This is what the light really looked like last night! Can you stand it?
On a few I barely adjusted the exposure or saturation but on most of them I didn't.
My mom really wants a picture of her seven grand kids out here in this spot at sunset so
I hope to get that done before her birthday in October and have it printed for her.

My baby with her this one above.
This is at my uncle's house, which is my grandma & grandpa's house, 
was my grandma & grandpa's house. The house where my mom and all of her siblings grew up, 
the house where we have celebrated every single Christmas Eve since I was born, 
where we still celebrate Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving every year.
So full of memories and love and glimpses of the past. 
Seriously one of my most favorite places on earth. And yep, I did just say on earth. 
A big, old house in a (super) small town in Central Illinois.

I'm trying to pick a favorite.
 I have been telling myself for months and months that I need to start printing
 and framing photographs instead of having them sit on my computer.
I will do this, I will do this. I will do this. Which is your favorite?


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
We survived our first week of school and are still trying to get back into
 the swing of things around here.
Happy Saturday, y'all!


  1. i love sunsets too. the light is just perfect! these are all so'd be hard to pick a favorite. :)

  2. ah! that's beautiful!
    i love the tints of sunset....ohmyword.

  3. wow, unbelievable! You have a talent sweetie!

  4. gorgeous...all of them! good luck picking! :)

    ps can i borrow you for your amazing photography skills? :)

  5. Amazing photos Amy! That's definitely the golden hour. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Stunning! It was a hard choice but I like the ninth one. Seriously I would pay money for those.

  7. Beautiful sunset! I love the one with the white horse in it, white horses are my favorite! =D

  8. The light this time of year is AMAZING! Soak it all up my friend to get us through the winter ;D Printing is not something I do often here either..... the darn picking is the problem ;D Stop taking so many AMAZING photos... lol!

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  10. well, I have no words...amazing!

  11. Wow - you couldn't ask for a more beautiful sight - you lovely little girl soaking up all that glorious light. Fantastic. Hope you had a great weekend.

  12. The golden hour is my favorite time to take pictures, too.

    And how can you possibly pick a favorite, omg??? Great GREAT pictures.

  13. HOOOOLY COW, WOMAN...I've never, in my entire looong life, seen such beautiful photos. You are so loaded with talent. Why, I couldn't pick a favorite if the world was coming to an end. They are all so awesome.
    WOW...just knocked my sox right off my feet.
    And, don'tchaknow, I am signing up to follow you..don't want to miss any of this great work. :)
    xo bj

  14. I am following but I wish you had a GET ME IN YOUR EMAIL thingy..that way, I don't miss a post because it shows up in duh.:))

  15. Beautiful pictures!!! Mom from Cottage and Broome

  16. Oh my, those are amazing! They just kept getting better. I love when I'm able to capture those perfect moments! Beautiful!!!


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