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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hi there and happy Thursday to you.
You know that means just one more day until Friday, right?
Hooray for that.

I am not really here,  but over at Heather's today...
I was super excited when she asked me to be a part of her Home Made Lovely series.
So head on over there and check out my Home Tour and the rest of Heather's awesome
 blog if you are not already a regular reader over there.

PS- I cleaned my house really good for this one.
Well, okay, just half of it, we didn't even go upstairs yet ; )

Have a great day!!!


  1. Amy, I found you via Heathers blog. I loved all of your photo's and saw so much of my own home in them right down to the :)

    I'm your newest follower. I can't wait to check out the rest of your blog.


  2. PS- It appears we already follow each other on Pinterest :)

  3. found you on heather's blog! Cute house!!

    New follower!

  4. I loooooooooved your home tour on Heather's blog. Definitely one of my fave's in her series!! And...I'm a new reader. :)

  5. Beautiful Amy!!
    love all the buntings, the letter cards on the fireplace and that library table and chairs...I would love one of those!!:) Also loving the picture of the three houses you have framed. Did your kids make that? Looks like inspiration for a perfect craft project to me!
    thanks for sharing
    have a happy day amy

  6. I love your home! :) Stopped by from Heather's! I love the vintage "collected" style too, and my home is made just that way as well! We too have our kid's art hanging with clothespins in our dining room and mason jars filling with coins with tags on them! :) Love your sweet home, thanks for sharing! :)

  7. ahh! LOVED your home tour. your house is so beautiful, from the porch, to the fireplace, to all the personal details and representations of you and your family throughout. but i will have to steal your church pew. i've always wanted one, since we had one in our house growng up. if it goes missing, you'll know what happened.

  8. Love your home!!! It's exactly what I pictured. Such a warm collection of awesome stuff. I also love the blog it was hosted on. I had never been there. She now has a new follower. :)


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