{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Good morning.
It's Tuesday, it's Tuesday....time for coffee.
I am having my hillbilly latte again minus the cinnamon because we ran out and I didn't know it.
Grrrr, that's kind of annoying.
But first-- thanks for the comments on yesterday's post, as always, they are much appreciated.
And I am feeling a little better today, which is a good thing.
I had to share this print I stumbled across on Pinterest, love this.
I think I may just need it for my dining room.
                                                                     Source: middlechildcomplex.tumblr.com via Amy on Pinterest

So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning...
I would tell you that I need a real-live coffee date.
During the summer when I realized the silver lining in this whole preschool thing 
was that I  actually could go meet a friend for coffee, I realized 
oh yeah, wait...I have no one to meet for coffee...everyone else is at work or at home with
 their own kids....."
damn. that's no good, totally not fair as my kids would say.
I need to work on that one.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would have to tell you that my boy lost 
another tooth yesterday during snack time at school, that was tooth #8.
I am always scared I am going to forget the tooth fairy duties by the time I go to bed,
luckily I haven't yet but I'm sure that day will come.

Would you please take a look at this?
I was so surprised to see this I actually did a double-take and then had to get a picture.
This is Charlotte and I in the Jeep last week, it's our reflection in a store window and
they already have their Christmas stuff out! Christmas! Not Halloween.
For real?

I am still trying to get used to the fact that Summer is over.
And Halloween is next month...and I know Christmas will be here before we know it
 but come on already.

Today is supposed to be near 90* but later in the week we are looking at day-time temps
 in the 60's. Yay! Like real Fall weather.
I am so ready for real Fall weather and I really hope it's not just a couple of weeks of Fall weather
 and then it's already cold enough to have the heat on, that I am not ready for.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would tell you that I guess I don't have a lot
 to share today, not a whole lot going on around here. While Miss C is at preschool this
 morning I need to run a few errands like getting ink cartridges refilled and exciting stuff
like that,  because I have a few little projects I am trying to get
done around the house today. I am just loving this print, this is exactly how I feel....

                             Source: etsy.com via Amy on Pinterest

Well that's it for me this morning guys, thanks for joining me for a (boring) cup of coffee.
Now it's your turn, what's going on with you? What are you up to today?
Does it feel like Fall yet where you are?
And does anyone have any ideas regarding a real coffee meet-up?
I mean, more real  than this anyway...skype coffee? Video coffee? Any ideas?

One more thing to leave you with because this just makes me laugh every time I see it...

                                   Source: tosh.comedycentral.com via Amy on Pinterest

hahahahahahaha...Happy Tuesday everyone.
Thanks for stopping by here today!


  1. You look great in those pictures! And I believe your daughter looks just like you :)

    Oh my gosh, Christmas stuff already?! It's not even October. I love Christmas, but seriously...one holiday at a time, please! That picture is really awesome, though!

  2. Oh man, Christmas already?! So not ready for that thought. Even the thought of Halloween wigs me out.

    REAL COFFEE?! That would be awesome! Maybe Google+ hangout? It's easier to have multiple people in on the conversation.

    P.S. Glad you're feeling a little better!

  3. that's just depressing - xmas in sept!! YUCK!
    and i have the same lack of coffee companions :(
    thank goodness for the internet :)

  4. Love your pics ! I would be all for a skype coffee date !

  5. i love how it looks like you guys are actually living in christmas land.
    that is funny.
    and i seriously love your photos from yesterday, did i tell you that already?
    i am also seriously jealous of your fall.
    i. want. one. bad.

  6. Okay, first off, you look so cute in your photos. Hair all done and looking fancy ;D Love it! I am really digging some of those printables, may be stealing one or two if you don't mind! And wanna drive a few hours north? I would love to meet for coffee IRL! Okay, I know that isn't all the possible. But would be so much fun!!!! Thanks for coffee.

  7. You are so cute! I would love to have coffee with you.

  8. Amy, you're hilarious! I wish we could meet for coffee. I notice the same thing...everyone's lives are so busy that it's really challening to snag a friend to go out with. Every now and then I just hang out with one friend while she runs errands. lol. Any time is better than no time. Hope you're doing well, Amy. Love your blog and the personal tone here! xo

  9. Oh, it does feel like fall here - *sigh*. I'm feeling a bit creaky trying to get out of summer pace and into school/activity pace. But Christmas decorations?!!!! Give me a break! That is just awful. Even though I will confess to have started some of my Christmas shopping, I don't want to see fake snow or anything that kind of festive into well after Halloween. I am rather interested in that pot beside the baby's head and wondering if I could pick up some extra cash if I put a similar sign next to my lying on the ground....

  10. I vote for Skype coffee!! (you look great in those photos, btw!)

  11. Love those pics of you! You look darling! And Christmas-- eek. I can't bring myself to start a Christmas pinboard even though I really should. I keep seeing good ideas, but . . . UGH. :)

  12. Love your jeep! And I'm following you on Pinterest now.

  13. If we lived close I would take you out to coffee! We just recently moved so I am in need of a friend to go to coffee with. Enjoy reading your blog. I linked up tonight!

  14. Oh, if we lived closer and I didn't have a day job I'd totally meet you for coffee.

    Another tooth! WOW! Such a big boy. I'm dreading the tooth fairy thing because I know I'll fall asleep and forget. That would be the worst.

    As for the Christmas stuff out before it's even October...Ba Humbug!

    Have a GREAT week and thanks for coffee.

  15. hi you....

    god i remember that feeling when my three were all at school at last two years ago...

    i didn't want them to go...i should've home-schooled but i did have this coffee-freedom thing in my mind...

    justthat- for me, moving countries and having school be your ONLY social life didn't help in the glamming up and going for coffee with friends thing!!

    you know i'd have coffee with you EVERY morning after drop off- you gotta find my that house up the road girl!!!

    Melissa xx

  16. 22 posts...that's how many I've missed. WTF?

    I checked the dates and me dropping off the face of the planet coincides with school starting. Go figure.

    I've loved catching up. Your images are beyond reproach. And I'm glad you and your little peeps are doing well and adjusting the school, changes in schedules, and (hopefully) cooler weather.

    I've missed you, girl.


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