{Fall-Like Days}

Friday, September 16, 2011

This is the view from my front porch as the sun was starting to go down last night.
Have I already said at least a million times how much I love this time a day?
I think I have,  but it's true, I really do. Love the sky on a clear night when the sun is going down,
I just can't get enough of it...same thing in the morning, I don't see it that often but wow, so pretty.

Kids huddled under a blanket on the front porch eating ice cream sandwiches after supper last night,
 it is starting to get a bit chilly in the evenings...but it's a good chilly, not cold for real yet.
Oh I love this weather, 70's during the day, down in the 50's at night. The nights were you
actually need to turn the ceiling fans off and get under the covers...a nice change after our
 super-hot Summer for sure.

And the light this time of year, fantastic light. We have to soak in all the sunlight we can right now because a couple months for now we will be dreaming of this light. And maybe the light isn't that different now than a month ago but maybe I am bale to enjoy it more because it is not so freaking hot.

This is where I go to steal cut wildflowers, you know I wasn't kidding when I said I keep a 
pair of scissors in the car just in case, right? I stopped at the park the other morning while
Charlotte was at school, walked through the woods, cut flowers, sat on the bridge...
I am still kind of trying to figure out what exactly it is I am supposed to be doing with my
 tiny bit of alone time. Not that I don't have a list of things I would LOVE to do with a good
 chunk of time but I have about an hour and a half three days a week.
But I'm not complaining.

This morning after we dropped off Miss C at school we had about twenty minutes before
 we could drop off Wyatt at school so we stopped to watch the trains. This is at an old
 train station, which is no longer a train station but a pretty cool antique store. We watched the trains coming and going for a few minutes and yes, it was cool enough in the morning for
 hoodies and jean jackets. Oh, yeah.

These days feel like hot coffee and jackets and a trip to the pumpkin patch in our near future.
They feel like pumpkin spice candles and making homemade bread and planning my two
October baby's birthdays soon. They feel like caramel apples and dusting off the crock pot
and bringing Halloween decorations down from the attic soon.

Besides just loving Fall for it's glorious weather I think I really soak in the days because it seems 
to me the shortest season by far. We want these Fall days to drag on because we know what 
is to come soon enough. This weekend we are hitting the road in search of a beautiful Fall-like
 weekend in another state, we hope it does not disappoint.
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and if you missed my Home Tour at
  Heather's yesterday go check it out, I cleaned my house really good for that one, y'all.


  1. I just love fall, too! The kids spent SO much time outside yesterday because the weather is just awesome! I can actually stay outside for more than 10 minutes! I love your pictures, too! We are so excited to bundle up in our warm socks and hoodies. I also can't wait to get out our vintage wool blankies. :) Hope you have a lovely weekend, Amy.

  2. mom said it's really chilly now. ours has finally cooled down too. feels like fall. i love it. you captured the light girlie. every pic is magic!!

  3. That fall light and cool air inspires me. And these shots make me happy.

  4. coming to your blog and looking at your pictures is always like a little vacation. :)

  5. Fall is my favorite time of the year! LOVE IT! I have an October birthday too! when are your babies birthdays?!
    LOVE all of these pix!

  6. october 3 and october 13.....miss charlotte was born on friday the 13th...in october ; )

  7. Im with you ushering in Fall. Except I dont get near the gorg sunlight you get! And I love the new porch color!! Your house is just darling~

  8. Oh! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who goes "midnight flower shopping." That's what my bestie and I used to call it when we'd have at it with the scissors around the neighborhood. :)

    At Christmas-time I carry garden shears in my car to cut greens for our mantle. They look so pretty up there. Fresh from the (far corner of a nearby parking lot).


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