Thank You, Indiana

Sunday, September 18, 2011

for another wonderful weekend.
We had a wonderful time in your great State.
More on that tomorrow though.
I am still under the weather...can you believe it? 
Time to take some medicine and get my tail to bed.

{PS- how sweet is that picture of Charlotte and my niece, Drew?}


  1. that IS an adorable photo! hope you feel better soon...what a bummer to feel so icky :(

  2. Great shots. Indiana looks very 'foreign' to me!

    I hope you feel better soonest, Amy. x

  3. Loving those fall pictures!!! We were lucky to get some of that autumn weather when we were visiting Illinois last week.

  4. Fried bread with pumpkin butter? Yes, please. Feel better ;-)

  5. my husband asked me what I thought about moving to Indiana, and I said I really don't know. I guess I've only ever thought of corn fields and open space.

    These pictures are beyond lovely in every. single. way.

    I'm glad you are enjoying your early fall.


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