the cabin

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Can you stand more pictures of the cabin?
I know I talk about it a lot here but I am so thankful for this place.
It is good for my soul, we are so fortunate to have this little place in our family.

For the open spaces, the peace and quiet.
The woods, the fields, the pond.
The dirt roads, the wide open skies.

For the freedom, the calm, the trees.
For the break from every day life and time with our family.

So very thankful.


The Thankful Project

{Day 12}
The Cabin


  1. It looks bliss Amy. You capture the light perfectly. Beautiful :) x

  2. I never get tired of your photos!

  3. Wide open spaces. Dirt roads. Perfection.

  4. i love that road capture with your sweet boy walking it.

  5. What a blessing to have such a place to go to with your family. :)

  6. i would love that too! great thing to be thankful for :)

  7. heaven sweet girl- nothing and everything...

    i totally get that...

    loved your 10 on 10 -yes your grandma was gorgeous...

    and hope you found that patience that sometimes alludes us at the beginning of those very special times away- just when you need it most and think you'll have it in mountains!...

    melissa xx

  8. Looks and sounds so lovely. Shouldn't everyone have a cabin?!? :D We need to get on that... ha!

  9. so beautiful!
    i am grateful for this place for you.
    i never get sick of seeing what you love.

  10. Amazing! The first thing I thought of was Little House on the Prarie! What a wonderful place to exscape to.


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