I Made It.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

By Friday evening I was mentally tired and not looking as forward to the rest of the
weekend as I had been.
I was stressed and a little low on patience.
Okay, a lot low.
But we turned it around.
The rest of the weekend was good.

This was 8:30 on Saturday morning....yep, already playing at the playground.
We live right across from a school so it's like having our very own playground, especially
on the weekends.
The kids got to have their cousins spend the night Saturday night and although they were up
super, super late, they were all up way earlier than my kids are on school days.
So this was just what we all needed.

They are best friends.
I love that.
Yes, they fight sometimes too, but they also really love being with each other--a lot.

Other weekend highlights included....
trying out our new popcorn popper (so exciting!),
making Pilgrim and Indian paper dolls,
and making homemade pretzels that were a huge success. Yay!!

It was a good weekend.
It feels good when you are able to pull yourself out of a grumpy, grouchy,
stressed-out funk before it gets the best of you, huh?
I hope yours was just as good.
See you here tomorrow morning for a little Virtual Coffee.

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i am @amylucky13.


  1. yes, I am on instagram. I think it's just my name : tara pollard pakosta

    LOVE that 2nd photo the BEST, well I LOVE THEM ALL, but the 2nd one WOW!
    reminds me of me growing up, we had cousins all around us every day. they lived 3/4 mile up the road (dirt road)!
    glad you had a great weekend!
    we did too!

  2. these photos are awesome...looks like it was an AMAZING weekend!

  3. fun weekend! way to get out the door by 8:30 :) and love the paper dolls. we need to do a craft badly!


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