Dear Patience,

Friday, November 11, 2011

Where are you?
I have been looking all over for you today but you are nowhere to be found.
How could you skip out on me on the first day of a four-day weekend?
You knew I would need an extra-large dose of you today.
I have been looking really forward to this long weekend, maybe even more than the kids,
but without you, I may not make it.
Without you,  I am a grumpy, griping, cussing-under-my-breath, moments away from the giving-
one-of-these-darling-beagles-away mama.
Please come back, I promise to be good--or better, I mean, I'll try anyway.
My children and husband will thank you and so will Phoebe and Lucy (the naughty beagles).

-Desperately Yours In Illinois


  1. oh man, I want to see pictures of the Beagles, I had beagles growing up, LOVE THEM!
    please send me some patience too, would you?! mine seems to be missing lately.
    we went to American Girl Place Chicago today and my girls made wish lists...or should I say, I followed them around and wrote down what they "want"....we will see what they actually get, but man they sure love that store!

  2. If you find her, would you send her over here for a bit, after you're done with her, that is. Much obliged.

  3. I'm right there with you! Thanks for this post and that beautiful quote.

  4. patience...such a finiky virture. it's never there when you really need it. i feel ya, sister.

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Amy, as a fellow beagle owner I can so relate(esp if theyre puppies). When our pure bred was a puppy,he ate FIVE pairs of my shoes and my grandmothers leather chair that'd been handed down to ONE WEEK! Hes lucky to still be alive. Alas, 8 years later he has calmed down. Pets can be a test of anyones patience. Good luck and I hope the rest of the weekend goes better for you.

  6. Haha. Oh my, I guess we all know this feeling. I hope you found your patience again, just for your own well being. But don't feel guilty if you didn't. It's ok. Even as a grumpy mom you're still wonderful. x


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