Ten On Ten

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hey there.
It's the November version of Ten on Ten, folks.
Today was kinda lazy and kinda busy.
Busy at home; I am on a serious organizing/purging marathon and Eric thinks it is
"suspicious"...ha...I don't think that speaks too highly of me or my housekeeping though, huh?
Lazy time was during preschool while I sipped coffee, wrote down a few recipes, read a
few blogs and checked out lots of tattoo art on Pinterest.
So, here's just a bit of the day through my lens....

                   { wasn't my grandma beautiful?}

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  1. she was movie star beautiful...and clearly so too are her kin! great shots!

  2. beautiful picture of your grandma and I loved seeing a bit of your day. The picture of Starbucks made me want my fav. Peppermint Mocha!

  3. Great picture of you amy!
    We love Little House too and I just got those curtains from target in green/tan! Love them!
    have a happy night amy

  4. you're so darn cute! and so is your grandmammy. love your set this month...

  5. Your day looks almost exactly like my day except that I didn't leave the house (just bean) and he returned home with a fever :( ...

    Yes, your grandma was beautiful. Did you make the cobbler? We painted, too. What did ya'll paint? And I just adore the living room shot with the kiddos in their pjs.

    happy 10 on 10.

  6. your grandma sure was beautiful! But hey, I can see a resemblance in you!

  7. Great 10 Amy! I totally missed it this month. I may try tomorrow..... 11 on 11.11. I like it :D

  8. Nice. I love the Little House books, must dust them off....

  9. Love all the colors in your set! And I love your fireplace mantel as well. :)

  10. Great photos! We are also reading the little house series.You look like your Grandmother :)

  11. love your photos.
    makes me wanta come over..as usual.
    i managed to take two of the ten photos i was supposed to take.
    long day.
    i've never actually done 10 on 10...someday.
    for now i will just stare at yours.

  12. Has anybody told you that you look a lot like your grandmother? Guess that means you are beautiful too ;o)

  13. She is beautiful! And so are you:)

    Love the picture of you taking a picture while having your picture taken. ;)

    Are you getting a tattoo? Do tell!

  14. Lovely set! I love Little house on the prairie books...my daughter isn't old enough to appreciate them yet. Your house is darling ...I remember checking out your house tour on the life made lovely blog!


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