Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I am in love with these trees and their beautiful yellow leaves.
We pass this spot a couple of times a day but yesterday on our way home from preschool
I decided to pull over for a few minutes to take some pictures.
Charlotte ran around and threw them and kicked them and literally rolled in them, there
were thousands of leaves.
A couple of times a big gust of wind came along and it looked like it was raining these leaves.
It looked so cool.

The Thankful Project :: Day 8
I am so very thankful for trees.
Yes, really. Trees.
For all of their beauty and everything they provide us with.
Trees for swinging, for shade, for shelter, for climbing, for fruit, for animals, for tree houses
...and just to look at.
I really do love trees.

And I also really love this garage. How perfect is that color?

Reminder to everyone that Ten on Ten is tomorrow, so charge those batteries, sister.
I missed last month out of pure laziness so I am all over it tomorrow.
Oh, also...Friday is 11/11/11. Isn't that cool?
So, I'm thinking of doing something out of the ordinary...for me, anyway, like document
my whole day in pictures or something?
Any ideas?
Okay everyone...have a great night!
Wednesday is date-night at home...Survivor & sandwiches (take out) after the kids go to bed.
Gotta do whatever works, right?


  1. gorgeous. just gorgeous.
    i would think you were such a cool mom for pulling over and letting me go crazy in the leaves for a while. i hope it was much appreciated. :)

  2. These photos are amazing. I am so glad you pulled over and took pictures with your daughter! The color of the leaves are beautiful and I adore your daughter's knee highs with the ruffle!!!!

  3. Morning - i love those trees

    i love that seriously cool garage door- imagine that as a kids cubby!


    i love charlottes socks!!!!!!!!!

    beautiful photos honey bun...

    melissa xx

  4. That tree is gorgeous and deserves your admiration--that yellow is fantastic!

    I agree that we should all be thankful for trees. We had zero trees in our yard in Colorado and have 5 here in Texas and I adore them all.

  5. i just love all of your photos, and your daughter is so beautiful.

    that garage is pretty amazing, too!

    happy day to you!

  6. oh, and your header pic is super sweet, too! :)

  7. oh my goodness, LOVELY!
    and it looks like you had sun yesterday! we sure didn't! we had a crummy rainy dreary day!
    these are GORGEOUS!!!

    tomorrow: I am in, if you document the whole day in pix!

  8. Those colors are beautiful! And the happiness in her face- PRICELESS! :)

  9. TOTALLY gorgeous! I wish we had leaves half that pretty here.

  10. Oh, ginko leaves are the best! What a great series of pictures - go Mama!


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