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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Thankful Project :: Day 6 (i'm a little behind)
Surprise Packages From Far-Away Friends

Saturday morning we got a surprise at our door.
Royal Mail from my sweet friend, Melissa.
Don't you love getting a package in the mail?
I do.
It just makes your whole day a little brighter...a little better.
And the packages?
They were beautifully wrapped in that effortless oh-so-cool Miss Sew & So style.

And she didn't forget about the kids.
They got chocolates, English money.
They were so excited when I read the little card and they realized there was something
in there for them, too.

The package was thoughtful and just perfect for me but you know what is even better?
Knowing that I have a friend thousands of miles away in another country...that I have never met.
That knows me.
But you know, the topic of virtual friends is on my list of things to be thankful for this month,
so more on that later because I think it is worthy of a post all it's own.
Friendship and chocolates and thoughtfulness and sweet cards all wrapped up in one little box...
I am one lucky girl.


  1. Oh how lovely!! That is indeed a special surprise!

  2. no....honey i am one lucky girl...

    thanks for the friendship- distance is nothing...

    melissa xxx

  3. wow!
    so sweet!
    she is fabulous and so are you.


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