{The Thankful Project}

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 1::

So I am definitely not the first to be doing this, but the beginning of November starts a whole
month of taking stock of all we have to be thankful for, a month of thankfulness, if you will.
I think I am grateful and thankful and appreciative for all I have, really, the little things and
the big things and for the people in my life...I try to be.
But do I live my life thankful for all of these things, every single day?
Sometimes...usually...not every day...but most of the time, yes.
Could I do better and be a better example for my kids?
Most definitely.

Besides keeping a list and taking photos, I want to do a few projects with my kids this month as well.
Helping out, volunteering, donating, random acts of kindness...that sort of thing.
If any of you out there have any great ideas or come across any, please let me know.
Volunteering and community service was something we never did as a family growing up but
it is really important to me that I do these things together with my family.
I want it to be a normal part of my kid's lives, for them to know that there is a whole big world
out there, that it's not just about us and our little family.

{sweet little baby toes in the leaves. does it get any better than that?}

So today I am thankful for beautiful weather.
Looking at these pictures I could have gone with cousins or family or spending the day together,
all of them fit, but today at the very top of my list is this gorgeous weather.
It allows us to take walks, play outside, run and discover little treasures along the way.
Talk to neighbors, get exercise and to feel the sun on our faces.
Draw with chalk, race down the alley and open up the kitchen windows.
Yep, today I am most definitely thankful for this beautiful weather.

If you're like me, you might notice everyone talking about being thankful this time of year and
you might wonder; why now, why not all year long? and I have to say I agree.
But I think it's a start.
And hopefully we can all carry it with us all year long.

Hope everyone has a great day today.
Happy middle-of-the-week, y'all!


  1. Great thought: It should be all year long.
    I love this idea of posting about being thankful: I think I'm going to take it with me for my Spanish readers.


  2. And THANKS for sharing your thoughts with us!

  3. It SHOULD be all year :)))
    ... I have a post JUST like this all set up and ready to roll this afternoon. I'm doing the thankful project as well. Life is good.


  4. I agree we should be thankful all year long! Have you read One Thousand Gifts? I thought of doing a blog like that and add #'s and photos to it daily, but I feel like I would just rather write in a journal, not sure what to do yet, but I plan to keep going with my grateful list!
    love ALL of your photos!
    we had 65 and sunny yesterday, GORGEOUS!!!

  5. I am also thankful for your beautiful weather. I'm living vicariously through all that fall foliage. I'm definitely missing that crisp morning chill and beautiful autumn colors from our Chicago days....but we'll get them here in a bit - I'm sure.

    We too struggle to find a way to get Little K involved in volunteering/helping the needy. Some things are just a little too raw for my comfort, but we've found donating to the local Food Bank is the best for us. We spend some time talking about who gets food from the bank - and then why. Then we make a special trip to the store (usually during thanksgiving break).

  6. gorgeous photos! And I feel the same way - why not be thankful all throughout the year?... Love this post, Amy! Looks like that's some gorgeous weather too!

  7. I'm most definitely grateful all year around - I have taken stock once a week and found my 'top three things to be grateful for' for as long as I can remember. I started listing my three things on my blog each weekend and from there it has grown into the most wonderful, refreshing, heart-warming linky. Very grateful for that. x


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