Thursday, November 3, 2011

yesterday i missed my boy's play at school.
i thought it was friday.
i wrote it on the calendar for friday, told eric it was friday...have thought all along it was friday.
it was wednesday.
he was george washington.
and i missed it.
he had lines.
and no family there to see it.
i feel like the worst mom in the world.
i am sad, sad, sad.
there's no getting that moment back, i just missed it.
i have been looking so forward to friday, to finally see this little play he has been talking about and working on.
you know what is even more sad?
i picked him up from school and he told me on the way to the park.
at the park i called to tell eric then started to cry, which made wyatt cry.
he said he felt bad for me because he knew how much i wanted to see it and he knew that i
thought it was friday.
i know in the grand scheme of things this is not the end of the world.
but it's one of those things that makes you feel super shitty and there's nothing you can do about it,
there is no going back, no second chance.
major parent fail.
i feel so bad.

and just to clarify (and not make myself look worse than i already feel) this play was not
a whole class thing but a small group he is in that meets once a week.
they do special projects/activities,  it's a small group of about six kids.
so a note was sent home and an email sent a while back but it wasn't something everyone was
talking about or anything.

but he was george washington.
and he wore a wig and a ruffled shirt and i never even saw him in any of it.
i am sad, sad, sad.


  1. oh amy, i am sad for you, and i know it's going to feel horrible for awhile. wyatt seems to understand it was a mistake and saw how much you were upset that you missed it. mother guilt can feel so rottenly-powerful. i'm sorry.

  2. oh my goodness...you poor thing. that is just the worst. i swear there is just so much to keep track of it's impossible not to miss something. don't be too hard on yourself. it happens to every.single.one. of us!

  3. that makes me want to say a bad word on your behalf! seriously sucks. i'm so sorry. i'd cry too. even though we know it is a bigger deal to us even than to our kids. maybe it will turn up that someone else took a picture of him at least. and while he may never be GW again, there are bound to be more chances for you to see him perform. many more.

  4. that really just SUCKS! so sorry you missed it! maybe another mom took a photo or video taped?! ask the teacher! I am sure she will let you know....hugs to you. and I am POSITIVE wyatt knows you wanted to be there!!! and he knows he is a well loved boy!

  5. Oh wowza, chica you deserve a big fat hug. It is tough, and it does suck, but Wyatt knew you wanted to be there. And you are raising a loving and emphatic son. You are NOT NOT NOT the worst mom ever. Although I have recently felt that way when I forgot picture day.

    SO HUGS UPON HUGS, chica.

  6. Oh amy, it was an honest mistake. Sure wish I could give you a hug.

  7. I am sad for you,I know it hurts not to be there when it's something like that. But it's ok for us moms to mess up sometimes.

    I missed my daughter singing last year because we got stuck in traffic.

    I felt like poop.........and then after awhile it went away.

    Well,until now because I just thought of it again.


  8. Oh that is sad! I'm sad for you! Last year I had to miss a big moment at school for my oldest boy because I was out of town. I still feel terrible about it!
    Did one of the other parents take pictures or maybe tape it? If there's video of it, could you get it and have a special viewing at home?

  9. agh. no!
    i completely understand how you must feel.
    it just makes you sick, right?
    this is not time to define yourself though, amy.
    you are the amazing and engaged mom that made a mistake about one thing.
    not the self obsessed flakey mom that never remembers anything!
    do not go there!
    chin up, little momma!
    you'll for sure get it right next time.
    and wyatt (that sweet sensitive guy) wasn't upset because you missed it but because he knew how much you love him and wanted to see him....that is a pretty awesome thing.

  10. I've been there done that and it does make you feel crap. Just a thought since it's a small group maybe get them together and have them perform their play in front of you and some friends.

  11. Oh no! I'm so so sorry, Amy. That would totally make me sad too. My heart sank for you when I read these words. :( Hang in there, momma. Hugs to you!

  12. so so sorry, sweet mama. so so sh*tty indeed. so so sorry. you are a good mom though, shauna's right...today's not the day to define yourself as a mother...and who does plays on a wednesday? i thought all plays were reserved for fridays?? wish i could hug ya.

  13. I'm so sorry... from one mother to another, my heart hurts for you. We have all done stuff like this. It's not easy being a mommy and sometimes these things happen. Sounds like your little guy was totally understanding and forgave you right away. After all, you had the best of intentions. You are good mommy, don't beat yourself up! HUGS!!!

  14. If there's one thing Wyatt knows for sure, it's how loved he is by you and Eric. He KNEW you thought it was Friday, and he definitely knew how much you wanted to be there. You should be so proud of what a thoughtful, compassionate little boy he has turned out to be. Actually wanting to write a letter to the teacher to see if they could do the play one more time for you! That's a pretty incredible little boy if you ask me :)

  15. GHAHHH!!!!! We all do this stuff. I promise you AREN'T the worst Mom in the world. The fact that you care so much just shows that you are a GREAT Mom. A FANTASTIC Mom who is human and makes mistakes. BIG HUGS to you.

  16. you are definitely NOT the worst mom ever, but i'm so sorry that you missed wyatt's play.
    we all make mistakes!
    you have a beautiful heart and your kids KNOW that you love them so so so much!
    that is a very beautiful thing!

  17. You're not even close to being the worst mum ever, Amy. Don't beat yourself up. There will be many, many new occasions for Wyatt to shine for you. x

  18. Oh goodnes Amy...this really stinks! I hate those little things we do, or don't do that we beat ourselves up for. They can really eat away at our hearts if we let them. I would have so done the same thing...called dave...broke down in tears...and then I can so see my girls crying too! Wyattis a wonderful little boy and the worst mom in the world could have never done that!!!
    hope today is better
    have a happy day...it's friday!

  19. I'm so sorry this happened to you. If it's any consolation I did the same thing with Preschool orientation. All the kids were there with their parents and E was alone and he even had to be sent to another room. I felt horrible. I know it's hard, but try to forgive yourself. And maybe have Wyatt dress up and create a special performance just for you all ... you could make a big deal out of it and make popcorn and have a red carpet. Just shooting out ideas here...but most importantly forgive yourself and look forward to a better day :-)

  20. Oh poor you! I'm so sorry. :( I know it hurts... Been there done that kinda thing. I've been (silently) reading your blog for a while now and I must say you're nothing like a bad mom... Nothing even a tiny little bit close to it. You're amazing, and I'm sure your little one knows that. Big, tight hug. Forgive yourself. Muah.

  21. I am in tears, I understand how awful that must have felt. But I know what it is like to be a parent, to have a million things going on at once, to live in total craziness. It could've happened to any of us. You are not the worst mom. You are such a great mom that your kid knew you would be terribly upset when he told you.


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