Holiday Session :: Part 2

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Wednesday, friends.
I am about to tie on my apron and spend the day in the kitchen baking.
But first, some more pictures from our little holiday photo session on Sunday.
{Part 1 is here}
I really like some of these.
The light was perfect that morning and all the more awesome because the sun has barely been
showing it's face lately. That is what I hate about the winter, the lack of sun.
Anyway--are you lovin' my new picnic basket?
I am.
Love, love, love.
And my cute little red mugs?

Have you tried the peppermint mini marshmallows?
Most of the other flavors sound weird/gross to me but these are good and yummy
with hot chocolate.
My kids love them.

This afternoon we are going to school for Wyatt's little party and then it's
bu-bye school until January 4.
Hooray for that.
I ran out last night and got my last couple of little errands done.
Finished...done...and so relieved.
Now it's just all about the baking and wrapping for the next few days.
Bring on the Christmas music and coffee.

Have a great day!


  1. Those photos are awesome! Please share your secret on getting the kids to pose for you. I keep getting grumpy face of fake smile. :-)

  2. I have felt the same relief here in St. Louis with the sunshine. Today, not so much though. Ha. I am living vicariously through you today while you are baking and listening to Christmas music. Enjoy enjoy!


  3. such sweet pictures!
    LOVE the basket and mugs!!!
    My girl is off on the 23rd and doesn't go back until the 9TH!!!!! isn't that crazy?! that's a LONG time!!! so looking forward to not having to leave the house at 7:30 am though (in jammies)!!!
    have a great Christmas!

  4. amy! these photos of your kids are divine!
    make me wish for a picnic!
    ok, i loved um so much that i skipped all the words. gotta go back and read...

  5. wonderful, beautiful photos!

  6. Would you mind telling me where you got the picnic basket? It is so lovely! I too am from St. Louis, and am about to give up on my wish for snow. Great photos.

  7. There is something SO sweet about sunshine in the winter. We live in a little valley which is where all the clouds go to settle in for winter. It can get pretty dark and depressing by about the first of February. We had sunshine today too...sent the kids out to soak in the vitamin D!! Happy Christmasing to you and yours.

  8. The photos are awesome Amy! Those sure are cute kids. Hope you have a lovely Merry Christmas!!


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