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Thursday, December 22, 2011

I have spent the last three days in the kitchen.
Baking and making and packaging...busy, busy, busy.
But it's a good busy for me this year.
Usually by this time every year I am in more of freak-out mode.
I am a little better organized and prepared than I normally am, which is a huge relief.
This whole getting my life semi-organized thing is good.
I said semi.

I made Ritz cracker thin mints, sugar cookies, covered pretzels and this pretzel crack.
Lots and lots of it.
I'm not sure if I should curse Shannan or thank her for this recipe.
I have to confess though,  I can't even look at it now.
Too much "testing" the finished product.
But it is stomach-ache-inducing-good and I love that you only need five ingredients for it.
Oh, and the thin mints are so easy and good, too. Love those.

I have been listening to Christmas music in the kitchen, trading off a new cute apron
every day, and the kids have been really helpful and cooperative.
Which is always a good thing.
The treats are all packaged up and ready to go.
Our first Christmas celebration is tomorrow with Eric's family.
At noon I might add. Yikes.
I still have lots of wrapping--wait, all of it actually-to do but tomorrow night Eric and I
will have a chance to finish the rest while the kids are at the annual Christmas Eve-Eve
sleep-over at my uncle's house.
I am looking so forward to tomorrow night, you  have no idea.

Hope you are not in complete freak-out mode yet, either.
Time to pick up this house that I let the kids pretty much have free reign with today.
A definite drawback of spending the day confined to the kitchen.
Oh well, it was worth it and I am so glad to be finished.
Have a great night, y'all.


  1. I totally love all your vintage finds! We live in a "contemprorary" house (bright light, open floor plan) but before kids, I used to love to go to flea markets, etc. and make "finds" like you. But now its more about efficiency and my fragile treasures are temporarily confined to boxes until the kids are older (b/c if it's out, they want to look at/handle/play with it). Love that you have a different apron for every day! Your cooking sounds wonderful. I'm one of those who does not like to "taste" as I cook (which in my mind, means I'm not a true cook, b/c I depend on the recipe, as opposed to tasting and being able to decide "what it needs" or what I can add (My husband can do that-- he's a natural cook-- just doesn't always have to do it now that he's the $ earner and I'm the SAHM.) I'm somewhat frazzled-- but not totally overwhelmed at this point. I would be so utterly content with being "semi" organized ( the house is a shambles b/c I'm sewing homemade gifts this year (instead of spending money) and when I work on my projects, "stuff" (e.g. fabrics, etc) take over-- and at this point, I would say I'm making more of a mess than the kids (although in limited areas) I have that Jessica Seinfeld cookbook, too-- haven't used it lately-- how do you like it? Do you have any fave recipes? It's great that she sneaks veggies into a lot of her recipes. I don't have a Julia Child recipe book, but watched her on TV as a kid and I love "Julie & Julia" Have you seen it?? I've watched it multiple times. OK, so I'm totally rambling right now-- can you tell I', sneaking a break while the kids play with their new Chanuka toys from tonight? Hubster is working late, and I need a little adult stimulation. YOur post was the perfect 5-min retreat before we do baths-- thank you. It's been a pleasure. Hope you continue to enjoy the holiday season, have a merry Christmas and thanks for letting me indulge in this rambling comment!! Time to return to the kids who are actually playing nicely together!!

  2. you always have the best view in the house all your vintage goodies...more please! xoxo

  3. Hi beautiful gal- loooove these last three posts- feel like i've caught up after our trip back from the UK- the photos of W & Ch are the tongue poking out PEACE one next to the snuggling together one!!

    So glad one of us got to hang out creating in the kitchen with their kiddos for Christmas...thinking of you over there even more, now that we are in summer all of a sudden!!!

    Happy Christmas eve-eve...Melissa xxxx

  4. You will all be eating well this Christmas, they sound delish. Hope you all have a great Christmas and a very happy new year x x x x

  5. Oh bother...I had the BEST intentions of being on top of things this Christmas...I have the very best excuse in the whole wide world...she is almost nine months old. And yet I know it will all get always does. May your weekend be merry and bright!

  6. MMMM...Ive had my eye on that Pier 1 apron for ages now! I love your view of things. Merry Christmas Amy!

  7. I love these pictures!!!! you make baking look so fabulous! and a Christmas Eve sleepover--how FUN is that!

  8. It's Christmas Eve now in Thailand, and I'm just stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas! xoxo


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