Hello, 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello Monday.
A brand new year.
I am glad....I think I am ready.
I am more than excited for it this year than any year in quite a while.
It felt so good to wipe off my big dry erase calendar on the wall and fill it in for January.
A new month, a fresh start.
It feels right.

We spent Saturday and part of Sunday at the Cabin to ring in the new year.

I stopped and got these balloons on the way down there.
12 balloons; 11 for 2011 and one extra for the new year, 2012.
Oh, I had BIG plans for these balloons.
I liked the symbolism of letting the 11 balloons go, then the 12th...
watching them fly away right in front of us into the sky....

Anyway, things didn't go quite as planned.
First somebody (not me) opened up the back of the car and two balloons flew away.
Then, a couple more.
Then one popped.
Another flew away.
There went my whole 12 balloons thing.

I had an idea in my head of just how I thought it would go.
I wanted to watch the release of all of the balloons together, and to photograph it.
To let them go, just like the days of the last year.
I shared some of these pictures on Instagram (love me some Instagram) and said how I had
an idea in my mind of how I wanted it to go and I was frustrated when it didn't work out
and my awesome and insightful friend Shauna said that was maybe a little more true to
life in the last year, it never does go as planned.
Ummm... yeah, so true.
And kind of a life lesson/reminder for me.

It's just balloons...and it's not.
It's the ideas we have, the plans, the letting go, the looking ahead to the future, the hanging
on tight to the past.
But I did end up getting some pictures after all.
And we did have a fun weekend.
Which is really the most important thing after all.

Hope everyone has a great day today.
The first Monday of the year.
We are staying home today and doing a whole lot of nothing.
Back to school for the kids Wednesday and back to work for Eric tomorrow.
I think I am going to skip Virtual Coffee tomorrow but I will be back next week for it.
Happy Monday, y'all...hope it is lovely.


  1. Life never goes as planned. I am reminded of that each and everytime I plan something and it falls by the way side. enjoyed the post and the pics!

  2. aw ... it is a brand new day indeed ... great post ... and i loved the pictures too!

  3. Happy New Year Amy. I think the whole balloon fiasco, is a much truer depiction of life... especially when children and husbands are involved ;-) The pictures are beautiful anyway... as the hubby always tells me when I fluff a recipe... don't tell anyone and they'll be none the wiser... only you are demanding of perfection! Take care. Lx

  4. Oh gosh...that is how all my "plans" go too. Never, ever does it go as planned. Sometimes, I can roll with it, sometimes, I get flat out angry about it. But thats life, right?!? If it makes you feel better. I bought a really cute 2012 banner and had planned on taking pictures of the boys holding it. Yup, it's still in the package!

  5. You sure got some lovely photos, in any case. See you for coffee next week ;-) I like the sound of that.

  6. love your post, and the balloon analogy. it was perfect. i totally get it.

  7. I love this idea. I love that you even attempted it. The goal was to have the balloons released ... They just didn't get released by you. What a wonderful thought or the new year.

  8. Oh this is me... and I so get it. Love your balloon pictures anyway..turned out great.

  9. Silly plans...they never go the way hope, do they? But your balloons were super pretty anyway. What a fun day with your family, and that's what counts in the end!

  10. even if your balloon idea didn't work, we would have never known...they're adorable!!love it! happy new year!!

  11. When helium balloons are involved, nothing goes according to plan ;) I LOVE all of these images. So pretty and full of hope. Thanks!
    Happy New Year!

  12. love the balloon idea. your pics never fail to blow my mind. seriously girl!

    i drove by what i think was your house last week. time got away from me and it didn't work out this visit...hopefully next time. happy new year!!

  13. I love the idea of a balloon concepts..

  14. Happy New Year Amy!
    Simply beautiful...not as planned or not!:)
    have a happy day

  15. love the symbolism of the balloons and that last photo should be blown up BIG! LOVE IT!
    happy 2012 to you and may it go VERY well for YOU!

  16. I adore these shots chica (even if it didn't go as planned) I think my fave is the reflection pic. The thought behind the 11/12 balloons was most excellent and I think I may just steal your idea (with permission) for 2013.



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