A Big, Fat Dose of Fresh Air

Friday, February 17, 2012

Oh, we got just what we needed today.
Fresh air.
Sunny skies.
No school and no plans.
I  love days like today.

We went out for a fancy lunch to McDonald's and then to our favorite Nature Preserve.
I love this park.
Half of the time the kids don't even ask to play on the playground there, they love 
exploring the pond and the fields and the pine forest. 
To me, this is what childhood should be.
Outside, getting muddy, exploring, trying to catch tadpoles...
playing with your brother/sister(and fighting with your brother/sister),
finding snail shells and feathers...

Ahhhh... it makes me so ready for Spring and Summer.
I can't wait to be able to get back outside again with the kids, it's hard in the Winter when
 they can't be outside as much burning off all that energy.
And this has been such a mild Winter but still, I'm counting the days until those nice,
sunny Spring days.

Just look at all that sunshine.
It is a beautiful thing.

Happy Weekend.


  1. agreed this is what childhood should be!!
    absolutely love your pictures!!
    happy weekend

  2. I know right where you were. Rock Springs right? You know that dense grove of pine trees...when I was a teenager that is the spot I remember having a make out session with my boyfriend. I can still smell the pine needles;)

  3. i love days like this. :)
    your kiddos are just too cute!
    happy weekend!

  4. Eu acho suas fotos!
    Seus bebês são uma fofura, amo esse blog!



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