Monday, February 20, 2012

hello there, happy monday.
how's it going?
it's been a good, long busy, full weekend so far.
and we still have one more day off.


staurday i was able to spend part of the day antiquing with my cousin,
just the two of us, no  kids, no work, no nothin'.
stopping for coffee and scrounging around for treasures.

I don't need another globe but I would really like another light-up one.
I have one already that sits on a bookcase in the hallway upstairs but I kinda
want one for the main floor, too.
I do love the pretty blues in this globe though.

At our old house we did have a rotary phone that worked, like these, but I think maybe
 it stopped working... I forget now. We also had one of those little built-in things in our living
 room that was just for a rotary phone. I loved that.

I want a cukoo clock so bad. So, so bad.
I would really like the kind where the little girl and boy come, they are so 
expensive though, I am on the hunt though...

Look at this.
I am in LOVE with this Little Red Riding Hood picture.
I did buy this, I could not pass it up.
They actually came as a set of 6 place mats although they did not seem thick enough 
at all to be used as place mats if you ask me, more like card stock.
Anyway, this is going to be framed and hung in Miss Charlotte's bedroom.

We spent a long time going through a big box of pictures that the owner told us he had 
bought at the family's estate sale.
Little tiny black and white pictures, mostly from 1955-1958, belonging to one family.
It always seems kind of sad to me.
Why didn't someone in the family keep these pictures?
It was their whole life, all of their family vacations and holidays.
Birthday parties.
I considered buying the whole box for a split second but instead settled on a few.
I love the family vacation ones, those are my favorite. And the cowboy birthday party.

happy monday.
hope everyone is enjoying a day off today!


  1. Saturday sounds like the perfect day! Bit jealous... !! x

  2. All this pictures bring me back to my childhood...the rotary phone, the globe, the Little Red Riding Hood sweet . My grandma still has similar cuckoo clock with a cuckoo that emerges with each note ...( kind of annoying sometimes :) Thank you !

  3. I have a couple of cookoo clocks. I'd like more, maybe a several on one wall. I don't understand the photo thing either. My father has Alzheimer's and when it really comes down to it, there is no possession that is going to mean anything in the end. My dad and I spend hours going through photo albums. He can't always recognize the photos, but he enjoys looking at the photos of family.

  4. oh my gooooodness!! great stuff. i would have had a hard time restraining myself :)

  5. I once picked up a postcard at a antique store and started to read the letter that was on the back. I felt like such an intruder. So I know what you mean by the pictures. However... they are art. That is how I would view them anyway. ;)


  6. Errr....did you just have a Saturday in heaven or what!!

    That cowboy pickie is to die for YES!!!!

    Have you dropped the cuckoo clock hint?? Get onto it- they are waaaay cool!!

    Hugs hon across the globe...

    Melissa xxx


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