Thursday, February 16, 2012

I have been feeling a serious itch to go...go...go...somewhere...anywhere.
I need a change of scenery, in a bad way.
I fantasize about being able to just decide I want to go somewhere and actually do it.
No worries about who/how everything will be handled at home or how I am going to
pay for this imaginary trip.
Wouldn't that be nice?
I'm thinking somewhere with a beach would be perfect right about now.
If you had to pick somewhere to go, anywhere, right now...where would you go?
Who would you go with?

Sadly, the extent of my getting away(ha) was heading out of town and through the country
to a little Amish town about forty minutes away last weekend.
Sad, but true.
But, at least it was a tiny change of scenery{ie: not these four walls}.

And it was a sunny day so I got my big camera out and took it with me.
My iphone and the lack of sun and bad weather has made me so lazy with picture taking lately.
Anyway, we went to an Antique store and a big Amish bulk food store that sells a little
bit of everything including local eggs, meat, cheese, etc.
Oh and they had the most extensive stock of gummy candy I have ever seen, I snatched up
some gummy colas quick-like. My fave.


Today it is back to being gray and a little wet and depressing.
Man, I realize there is no sense in complaining about the weather but mama needs some
sunshine. I wouldn't even care if we had a ton of snow if the sun would just come out
and stay there. Please and thank you.

So you don't leave here feeling depressed now, because that is not my goal, here are some
much happier, non-gloomy photos...
{iphone pics}
Oh and I think I have told you guys my instagram name wrong like 3 times now...
I might have a problem.
Anyway, it is @lucky13amy.
I always say it backwards.

I am on book three of The Hunger Games and I don't want it to end.
I love these books, lovelovelove.
Have you read them?
Do you not love Katniss? and Peeta?

My girl did a lot of painting yesterday.
She usually likes to wear her beret when she paints.
Phoebe thinks the paint might be food so she is waiting for some to drop.

Valentine for me from my sweet little guy.
Translation: "Cupids arrow is on you from me"  he meant to say "from me" he said : )
He is so sweet, seriously.
And I'm not sure why he is calling me Amy here...?
Too funny.
Well, hope everyone has a great Thursday...this is the last day of school and then a 4-day
weekend. Wahoooo!


  1. If you ever head down south, make sure to stop here. I make a killer coffee and we got more heat and sunshine than one mama can handle....
    Hunger games is on my list next....

  2. Ah, we have the same grey wheather here. I guess we'll have to make our own sunshine then, eh?

    The hunger games, haven't read it yet. Is it good? I almost finished my series (wheel of time, I'm a nerd ;-)) and am looking for new inspiration and new books to fall for. I'm going to check it out!

  3. Gorgeous pictures. I feel your pain, I am DYING for a vacation. A REAL vacation, not a trip for my husband to do a bunch of shows where we end up running around like headless chickens and constantly on the internet. No. A trip somewhere far away, just the two of us. To sit at the beach and do phones, no computers, just relaxation :)

  4. love all of the pictures!
    I can't wait to read the Hunger GAmes books! I am waiting for Savannah to finish them all because I know I will read them all within a week or so!
    I heard they are pretty fast reads, and I am putting them off because I heard they are so good, that I already don't want them to be done LOL!
    I NEED sun! thankfully we have some peeking out today!
    but I also have one sick child home from school!
    I would go to a beach, maybe florida or CA if I could...I NEED a getaway to a different climate, maybe Arizona!

  5. We should meet halfway one of these days, lady! Girls day!

  6. I always love your photos because they have lots of blue, yellow + churches! My faves. Also, the term quick-like....another fave. I wanna go to a little Amish town!

  7. I loved the Hunger Games.
    Your blog rocks Amy! Would love to go antiquing and to the Amish town with you. I'll even bring the coffee:)


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