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Monday, February 20, 2012

Good Morning.
I'm feeling a bit hung-over from the long weekend--not hung-over like that, just tired, a little
groggy and unorganized....not quite ready for the day, for the schedule, for the week.
Oh well.
Back to life, back to reality.... (remember that song?)

So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning....

Well, I guess after chatting about the weather(is it Spring yet?), I would have to tell you about the
rest of our long weekend.
You can see what I did Saturday here.
Yesterday the kids started in early with the bickering and teasing and just plain bratty-ish
behavior towards each other, you know what I mean, right?
Charlotte begging Wyatt to play school with her and him telling her he needs to think about it
and she should ask him again in a few minutes, so she would and then he would say no.
Different variations of that went on for a while.
Ughhhhh, a little annoying for this mama.

So, we needed to do something but didn't feel like leaving to do anything.
So we got out some big boxes and paint, paint brushes and dug some more things out of our
recycling bin.
They made a pirate ship, or a sailor ship, depending on who you ask.
There are paint paint paw prints, footprints and glitter everywhere but it kept them entertained for a
while anyway.

So Monday was just a little "off"...not bad, not good, just off.
You know those days, right?

But a few other things I did this weekend...

*finished the last book of The Hunger Games(sad for them to end)
*Out to dinner w/ bff that was here visiting for the weekend
*bff and kids came over to play on Sunday
*out to a movie w/my cousin Sunday night (The Vow)
*attempted to get a handle on the out-of-control laundry

                 Source: etsy.com via Amy on Pinterest

How was your weekend?
Tell me all about it, then you should go visit the others for coffee, too.
I love this print, I need it.
Don't I? I really think I do.

Happy Tuesday everyone...have a good one.


  1. Awww I was sad when I finished them too...but now the movie comes out in a month! Cant wait!

  2. Great! Now I'm going to have that song in my head ;)

    I'm having a really hard time getting through Mocking Bird. It's just not holding my interest :/
    I am sad that though that we have to wait a whole year till Downton starts up again.

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend. What did you think of The Vow? I went to see it last week, loved it but was a bit dissapointed with the ending. then again watching Channing tatum for just over an hour was a lovely way to spend an evening ;) x x x x

  4. i totally remember that song! hahaha!
    now it's running through my head. :)
    i'm glad i'm not the only one with a wild pile of laundry...ughhhh!
    Lord, help me!
    have a great day, sweetie.

  5. I'm halfway through the first The Hunger Games book and I can't wait to start on the next!
    Did you love The Vow? I don't know that I really adored the movie itself, but, I was sighing and swooning a lot over Channing Tatum!

  6. Hmmm...did i love The Vow? Well, I liked it...and I loved Channing Tatum...dear lord, he is cute. It wasn't the best movie ever or anything but I do like me a chick flick and I love going to the movies, I just do. So yeah I liked it a lot--and he drove a Jeep just like mine so I loved that. And it took place in Chicago and I am from Illinois : )

  7. Hi Amy,
    thanks for pinning the photo about craft weekend! I didn't know this, great concept and I found two other blogs I liked, so again, thanks!
    Maureen x

  8. My father used to say Rise and Shine ! every frickin' day. He was a happy morning person which used to make me nuts until I realize I have grown up to be just like him in that way. Love your antiquing photos from Monday. I have a cuckoo clock with dancing girls/boys who come out and dance on the terrace and I love it but no one else in the house does. Oh, it's been so long since I've seen a movie that wasn't aimed at the 8 and under crowd, I will admit I have a little movie envy right now. But thanks for the coffee!

  9. hello lovely- coffee time again already- where does the week go!!??

    your weekend had some pretty gorgeous moments as i said on instagram...i'm gonna find you that cuckoo clock somehow..

    pirate sailing ship- waaay cool- and i'm having coffee outa a waay cool cup today that you really really need....

    huge hugs across the globe honey- Melissa xx

  10. Sounds like a little cabin fever is wreaking havoc over at your house...I know we've had our taste of it too. The "sassies" as E likes to call them seem to come out when we've been cooped up too long.

    Sounds like a CRAZY busy weekend, but fun no doubt. {at least parts of it} I'm just starting the Hunger Games series ... I think I'm the last person on the block to read it.

    Have a GREAT week and thanks for coffee.

  11. I've been having a lot of that too: needing to DO something, but really not wanting to leave to do anything. I suppose I've filled my time with a lot of writing...but not really the kind that's satisfying except to check another item off the to-do list.

    The Hunger Games really does seem to be getting uber popular. I remember my SIL reading them a few years back, but suddenly I'm seeing EVERYONE talk about it. Still haven't read them myself though...should I?

    Thanks so much for coffee!

  12. Your weekend sounds great! Here I am at Thursday trying to remember what we did! It was quite busy.Friday night Greg at the footy, my big boys and I saw 'Paul'on DVD. Funny, silly. Sat started with getting middle child to kick boxing, coffee at Belaroma Manly Vale,then a couple of hours us all watching Olivia play tennis at Oxford Falls. Fan club! That night, whole family to North Sydney Oval outdoor cinema 'We bought a zoo', aaaw, such a nice family film. Kids hooked up with some friends and left the adults playing up & rather too adeptly refilling their glasses on their own! While the cat's away... something like that anyway. Swimming lesson, coffee and a princess party in Paddo. PPP
    Work for me this coming weekend. You free Wednesdays?? xxx


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