My Favorite Iphone Photo Apps

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good morning.
Ummmm.....hi.  Anybody out there?
I feel a bit like I am talking to myself around here lately..... but that's okay, I never claimed to have it all together anyway : )
So, it is a beautiful day outside and I got to sleep in this morning in because the kids spent the night
with their cousins last night, at my sister's.
They all went to the Drive-In to see Madagascar 3 and I am kinda glad my sister is the one that had to sit through that movie and not me : )
Not my fave and if I see that "afro circus" commercial one more time I might just scream.
But anyway--
Today I thought I would share a few of my favorite iPhone photo apps with you along with
some pictures that I took using each one. People have asked here and there which ones I used or
where I got a certain frame, etc. so I thought it would be helpful to show you some of my favorites together all in one post.


Love this app so much; lots of textures, scratches, frames and light/bokeh to add to your photos.
$1.99 and worth every penny.
Find it here.


Camera Awesome
Another favorite. Yep, I do have lots of favorites...way too hard to pick just one.
*Free. You can add on textures, filters, etc. for 0.99 which I have done.
Find it here.


You know I couldn't leave out Instagram.
I don't really take any of my pictures with Instagram but take them with one of the apps above and then upload them to Instagram.
You know you can do that, right?
Find it here-unless you already have it, which you should.

So there's a few of my favorites.
I love adding texture, scratches, frames and filters to my iPhone photos, not always but sometimes.
I don't do nearly as much editing of pictures I take with my big camera but i think it's fun to do on my phone.
Plus, I am not trying to take outstanding pictures with my phone all the time anyway, but trying to capture everyday moments I might miss because I don't want to haul my big camera around all the time.

Cute frame above from Instaframe.
Find it here.


Wanna share your favorite photography apps?
Oh- and by the way, I'm not crazy, it's not morning here but I started this post this morning and I am just now getting around to finishing it up while watching the premiere of the new Dallas.
I think it might be a little bit wrong how excited I have been about this show starting tonight.
Any other Dallas fans out there?
Gotta go--lots of drama going down at Southfork Ranch tonight.


  1. Hope some of these work with a droid too. Kind of wondering what I did before fun.

  2. i here.
    and still super into your program.
    love your instagrams that you share with the world.
    and i love that last frame.

  3. I'm here!

    Far Mum Skim and your dear self have a 'snap' post today. Literally! x

  4. I'm here too! And I've always wanted someone to do a post of their favorite iphone apps. i'm gonna look some of those up for sure. also, since i started using IG, I've totally LOVED how my feed has become a running visual journal of my every day life. i'm never taking pics of things i'd normally bring a camera to, you know what I mean? It's effectively capturing what I didn't even know I wanted to remember.

  5. Thank you for sharing these! How did I not know about some of these?! Sheesh! I so wish we had a drive in near here. I would love to go. Probably not to see Madagascar 13 though.
    I'm definitely still here.
    But I am missing Virtual coffee. Ahem.
    Happy Thursday girl!

  6. oh my word, amy.
    i saw that afro circus commercial ONE time and that was enough! haha! lucky girl...YAY! for sleeping in!
    and i always adore your have such a great eye.
    i've been trying to figure out picfx but i didn't realize it's the one you have to BUY! now i get it! :)
    thanks for sharing your awesomeness!

  7. I'm here! (Just terrible at commenting.)

    I always enjoy your IG pics :)

    And I'm very upset that I can't watch Dallas.

  8. here, too!!!!! As always, but I know how you feel. Sometimes I think the same way of my own little blog, cause a lot of people read it but hardly anyone comments, which I am guilty of too. Trying to be better on that and tell you what fun it is to read your blog, promise!!!! Have a good day.
    Miss Virtual coffee

  9. my favorite app is Hipstamatic! LOVE IT!
    I just downloaded 3 more thanks to YOU~! xoxo

  10. thank you!!!! for these great app ideas!! i like picture show too. have you ever used that one?

    thanks, girlie!

  11. def here :) I love, love, love your instagram pics! So inspiring!

  12. thanks for these amy!!!
    i am going to check them out for sure:)
    and Madagascar 3??? ugh!!!
    have a happy day amy

  13. ahhh!!! i will have to see if i can get that picfx on my phone :) i love that you can add the light!! i do love my phone for a camera! it was THE reason i finally gave in and went to the smartphone! so i would always have a good camera... even if i didn't want to carry the big one. and i sure love seeing your everyday moments on instagram :)

  14. Thanks for the list of photo apps. I normally dont use photo apps-I think more because I just dont try them out. So I have a stupid question that makes me feel old. I have an iphone, so do i take pics through the normal camera for the phone and then use the apps to add texture and enhance the look? Or do I use the apps to take the actual picture. What if I take a picture with one of the apps and decide I just want it plan jane? Sorry for the "tech stupid" questions:)


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