{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Good morning.
Hi there.
How are you this morning? I am up early, especially for Summer vacation, just trying to get a little bit of quiet time to myself.
Just a little... that's all I need.
So grab a cup of coffee and sit down and chat with me for a bit, won'tcha?

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning...

I would tell you that this morning I am feeling like sometimes being a mom is just a mixed up bag of
guilt, thankfulness, lack of patience, love beyond measure and the need to run very far away...like immediately.
And the guilt part comes because I know that in one month the kids will be in school....my baby starting kindergarten...
and I don't want that either... I just want a vacation. Possibly alone.
But that's just life and motherhood and it's all part of the game and I am not even complaining but just
sharing how I have really been feeling lately.

Yesterday we went to the Children's Museum because I have been telling the kids we would go
pretty much since school got out--mama finally made good on that promise.
The kids love going and always have so much fun, I'm not sure why it's one of those things I never
look super forward to?
Anyway, it was something different to do and I did not hear a bit of fighting while there....
worth it just for that. 
Some highlights from the Museum--

I am starting to freak out a little bit realizing the Summer is going to fast and there is still so much we want to do, that I want to do.
Slow down, Summer.
We have a whole lot going on this week, like pretty much every day and every night through Saturday but after that
I am going to sit down and make a list of what we really still wanna do.
Have you been knocking things off of your Summer list or do you feel like it's just flying right by you, too?

My little helper, Wyatt, stamping cards for me : ) 

So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would have to tell you all about my little shop opening up last Friday, the 13th.
I was so relieved to have it done. Finished.
Well, you know, not finished-finished but up and running, anyway.
It's a lot, I have a whole new respect for people that have their own business' and especially handmade
business',  I really, really do.
It is a good feeling to have it going though and I have got lots of ideas and plans and still lots and lots to
figure out.
I happily walked into the post office yesterday morning to ship out my first orders! Kinda exciting.

Well, we have a Lemonade Stand to get ready for this morning.
The kids and I are raising $$ for our Relay For Life team so naturally we are having our lemonade stand on a day where it's
going to be well over 100*, right? Yikes.
Wish us luck, we are getting really close to our goal and Relay For Life is this Friday!
Have you participated before?
We have never done it and I have never even been so it's all new to us.
Be thinking of us around 12:30 today when we are outside hustling lemonade in this heat!!

Hope everyone has a great day....thanks for stopping by for coffee this morning.
I just figured out how to add this little shop preview, so here ya go....


  1. Good Morning!
    I re-heated my coffee and checked to see if you had your coffee post up yet! yay!

    I KNOW exactly what you are talking about. This weekend Savannah had a hard day (with her OCD) and it wore me out mentally/physically and I just wanted a break, really really bad....but I never really truly feel like I get a break, ya know? always something to get done....

    your shop is very cute! hope you do well with that!

    we have not done much on our list, but it's mostly because we are content swimming at the Y and going to the beach when it's not too hot and just doing those things has been enough for us.
    the things we have done that were on our list:

    1. paint
    2. write letters
    3. water guns
    4. took them shooting with hubby

    so much more we want to do though! especially want to do a drive in movie, paint rocks, go on a nature hike...

    we have ava's birthday in nine days, she will be 11` how did that happen?!
    have a GREAT tuesday!
    love your coffee posts!

  2. I have felt the "I need to cherish these moments more" guilt within knowing that both of my babies will be in school full time for the first time, too. And then feelin ashamed that I want alone time as well. That resonates. And summer IS flying by but we are managing to slowly take down our bunting (checklist) one by one.

    Your store is lovely and you will rock the lemonade stand.

    And I don't look forward to the children's museum either. lol! But... we sacrifice a little educational boredom (I prefer outdoor play!) for pure happiness of the kiddos.

    Have a great day. Coffee was perfecto!

  3. What a fun idea, I'm going to work on my virtual coffee post now :)


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