Get Away + The Humiliating Truth About The Water Park

Friday, August 10, 2012

{First, a little about our get-away, then we will get down to the nitty gritty of this post, k?}

I cannot even tell you how happy I was to get away for just a few days this past week.
There was no long, exotic vacation for us this year because home projects took precedence, but a
little get away was in order for all of us.
Even if it was just a state away.
I feel like I have been needing to get away,  like really needing to, for about 8 months now.
We all have.

We stayed at a cabin in a state park for a few nights and it was the perfect mix of semi-rustic +
modern- it still had housekeeping services and was about 100 feet away from the lodge and pool.
It was also close to the water park... which means I survived the water park!
It was fun and the kids had a BLAST but I still have to say I am really not a water park person.
I am more of a let's find an empty corner of the beach and hang out or let's go swim at grandma & grandpa's where
we have the pool to ourselves kinda person.
But it was good and it was fun surprising the kids, they loved it and neither of them were scared even
on the biggest water slide.

{the nitty gritty part}

It's funny how you sit down to write about one thing and then feel compelled to share something
completely different.
Every time I have shared something really personal on here that's how it goes though.
I don't plan it out ahead of time or write and edit it... I just write it because I am feeling it.
Right then.

So, the truth about the water park.
The idea of going to a water park and wearing a swimsuit in public was beyond humiliating to me.
Not just a little embarrassingly folks, but humiliating.
Like I wanna die right here on the spot or feign sickness in order to miss this outing.
But I decided that my weight and my issues are MY issues and it wasn't really fair to punish the kids
because of it.
And we are not talking about my butt looks a little big in this suit but the fact that I am overweight
and unhealthy and some big changes are in order.
That's the truth.
It's been a long time coming.
I feel like in the last year my physical health has really went downhill as my mental health has become so much better
regarding my panic and anxiety issues.
Maybe I focused on my other issues and totally neglected my physical health?
Yeah, I think that's a tiny part of it.
I'm not making excuses though, I needed to lose weight before that, but I do think it got worse.

I think I am finally ready to get serious about losing weight and to get back into a regular
exercise routine.
I talked here about how I am trying to focus on the good and positive things that will come from
my baby starting kindergarten in a week and a half and this is a huge one for me.
One thing I keep telling myself is that I am going to get into a regular exercise routine and take time
for fixing healthier meals because I will have time to focus on myself like I haven't in years once
school starts.
Don't get me wrong, I am not using the fact that I am busy with the kids as an excuse to be overweight, I realize that
women with six kids can find the time to train for marathons if they want to, it's just a
matter of priorities.
And it hasn't been one of mine.
But I think I'm ready to change that.


All of that from a post about our little get-away.


  1. Nice photo's looks like you had fun

  2. you are so sweet!
    i know exactly how you feel...been there waaaay too many times. :/
    i tend to get overwhelmed and i'm an all or nothing kinda gal(which is bad) because either i'm eating super good, or super bad.
    i've been asking the Lord to give me that perfect balance and He definitely helps me out. :)
    i'll be cheering you on for sure!

  3. hate to say this but i'm kind of an all or nothing kind of person too. it takes extreme focus to lose weight and be healthy and i'm the worst ADD person. the switch has to be flipped and a major decision has to be made and it sounds like that has happened for you. having more free time to focus will be such a good thing. i'm excited for you girl!

  4. sounds like the perfect vacay. I like simple myself. I too am NOT a waterpark gal...And, right now I wouldn't be caught dead in a bathing suit. I am the heaviest I have evr been in my life...and hope to lose this burden I carry. Hope you will find the courage getting well. I too will cheer you on. I love that we can have this sweet community and relate. You can do it, yes you can!!!! have a great week! Mica @ The Child's Paper

  5. girl, I have been doing this on and off for 10 years now, losing 20, gaining it back and getting mad at myself. well that 20 turned into 40 and now I have excuse after excuse. let's DO IT! keep me accountable! want me to check in on you?!

  6. I feel your pain and know it intimately. My little one starts school tomorrow! I'm going to drive her there and come home and walk. I can't do any more than that right now because of back issues and it is so frustrating me and the 10 pounds I put on this past year on top of the 10 I already needed to lose. It's so hard when you are in a place of not feeling good about yourself. I hope you get to where you want to be but I think even putting yourself on the journey helps you to feel better mentally.

  7. I had a similar water park experience this weekend! Every year we go to an amusement park /water park and depending on where I am with my weight that year I either sit there miserably and fully clothed or dare to venture out and brave my other germaphobe related issues with water parks! This weekend we got out of it because of time and I played the grossed out card. But I sure hear you on that one! I'm in the same place you are right now and it is really easy for me to say I can't work out because of the kids. I'm excited for you for all the time you will have to just get things taken care of!

  8. i have no idea why it's taken me so long to run across your blog but i'm totally hooked. it's quickly becoming one of my most very favorites!

    now, about this idea to lose weight and feel better about yourself...i'm trying to find the motivation myself. we just returned from the beach and i almost died looking at pics of myself.
    when/how did it get this bad? i didn't recognize myself. my own self! would love to cheer you on as we both head out on this journey to being our best versions of ourselves!

    happy tuesday!


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