What A Week

Friday, August 24, 2012

Yesterday was better than Wednesday.
Thank you so much for all of your comments and encouragement, I really appreciate it.
It's really nice to feel like I have my very own little cheering little section, it makes me feel better.
This is all just a big change and we will be fine, I just keep telling myself that.

Yesterday morning I decided I needed to get out of the house for a while.
First I made a quick coffee stop, then a couple of thrift stores where I found a couple of really good things
that I was excited about.
Then a drive through the cemetery, camera in hand.

After that I came home and picked up around the house and did a little shop work.
I listened to music and edited pictures and took pictures of some things to go in my shop.
I tried to enjoy my quiet time and not worry about what was going on at school.
I watched Tv... like grown-up Tv.
I never, ever watch Tv until about 9:00 at night after everyone is settled into bed and I don't have to
worry about what they might see/hear.
I watched/listened to a few episodes of American Dreams while I worked because I LOVE that show.
Did anyone else out there ever watch it? I think I was the only one maybe .
Oh man, it is such a good show. Love that time period and the clothes and music...all of it.


And now a few of my FAvoRitE instagrams form the past week...



  1. You weren't the only one!


    I'm bummed that it was canceled and the loose ends couldn't get tied up. Hate when that happens. I'm also bummed that they won't release the second season on DVD because of song copyright issues. Argh.

  2. Hey, things will get easier with time. love the instagrams!

  3. i loved that show too :) and your pictures always make me smile!


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